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The Most Popular Face Masks From The Drugstore


We love face masks - hardly any other beauty product makes you feel refreshed and cared for as quickly as with a great face mask. After all, not everyone can and does not want to spend money on a beautician, in Corona times it is anyway: the woman is herself! Sheet masks in particular are currently very popular. A wide variety of needs are met, be it an intensive cure against wrinkles, for cleansing or soothing: there is a suitable mask for every skin condition. We present the best and most popular face masks from the drugstore.

The most popular face masks from the drugstore
For the immediate effect: the Garnier SkinActive Hydra Bomb sheet mask provides intensive moisture, protects the skin barrier, and has a balancing effect. At the same time, it refines large pores. The mask is suitable for normal and combination skin.

The most popular face masks from the drugstore
Natural cosmetics for dry skin - the Sante moisturizing mask, organic Inca Inchi oil & shea butter, provides intensive moisture and is noticeably smooth. The DayMoistCLR moisturizing formula and valuable ingredients such as organic jojoba oil and organic aloe vera should ensure a velvety complexion. The product is vegan.

The most popular face masks from the drugstore
For tired, pale skin - the Annemarie Börlind Vitamin Duo Mask with goji, acai, and sea buckthorn berries stimulates cell renewal and revitalizes a pale and exhausted complexion. At the same time, vitamin E protects against oxidative stress and prevents premature skin aging. Thanks to the double function, the complexion appears radiant and fresh.

The most popular face masks from the drugstore
Against impure skin - the Garnier Skinactive black sheet mask uses bamboo charcoal and black algae extract to clear impure, shiny skin without drying it out. The formula with black algae extract, LHA, and hyaluronic acid provides intensive moisture and refines enlarged pores at the same time.

The most popular face masks from the drugstore
For deep cleansing - the Lavera Detox Effect Mask with organic algae and natural mineral earth frees the skin from environmentally-related dirt particles. A fresh, youthful, radiant skin emerges. 100 percent natural cosmetics!

The most popular face masks from the drugstore
For intensive moisture - the nourishing Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrogel Moisture Mask is made from 100 percent hydrogel, moisturizing formula with hyaluronic acid. The gel mask is in two parts to provide an optimal fit for the eye-nose area and the mouth area. A care mask corresponds to a 30ml bottle of serum! The cooling mask is also suitable for sensitive skin.

The most popular face masks from the drugstore
For more resilience and elasticity - the protein collagen gives the cells their firmness and structure, which they lose over time. The Schaebens collagen sheet mask with a rich formulation of collagen and soy extract is intended to effectively combat the signs of premature skin aging and promote a youthful appearance. The skin becomes more elastic, the skin contours appear firmer.

The most popular face masks from the drugstore
For pale skin - the Ahava pRETINOL Sheet Mask smooths the skin with plenty of moisture, revitalizes the complexion, and counteracts a pale appearance. pRETINOL ™ complex with the Dunaliella Salina alga from the Dead Sea is an active ingredient patented by Ahava for reducing wrinkles and smoothing the surface of the skin. It is enriched with a fruit mixture, peptides, and hyaluronic acid.

The most popular face masks from the drugstore
For deep cleansing - the Crazy Cactus Bubble sheet mask with cactus and water lily foams up slightly in conjunction with oxygen and gently removes dead skin cells and excess fat. The skin appears cleared and the complexion refined. The face mask is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

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