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Lose Weight: These Are The Basics Of The Bulletproof Diet

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Few carbohydrates, instead of protein, lots of vegetables (preferably green varieties) and fruit (preferably with a high vitamin C content), whole grain products, kernels, and sprouts, as well as lean meat or sea fish once a day - these, are the basics with which common nutritional concepts, such as the low carb diet, usually juggling.

Lose weight with the "bulletproof diet": Can you finally get slim thanks to coffee and fat?

Low-calorie foods with a high nutrient density that provide the organism with energy immediately without putting a strain on it. These are diets that prove themselves without question, especially since they keep the blood sugar level in balance, protect against food cravings and ensure more vitality. However: coffee is usually only allowed in moderation and should be replaced by unsweetened tea or water; Fat is only provided from plant sources, drop by drop, and solely as essential, unsaturated fatty acids.

Lose Weight: The Idea of the Bulletproof Diet

While you can eat raw vegetables, berries, seeds, or nuts several times a day with low carb diets, other concepts stipulate strict meal times or even an intermedia fast. This is also a concept known from the USA that, due to its basic idea, is particularly popular with fitness fans and bodybuilders: the bulletproof diet. Sounds like real guys and according to the inventor it is supposed to be a "bulletproof" method for weight loss. The basics: coffee, fat and lots of meat. Curious?

Lose Weight: The Idea of the Bulletproof Diet | Lose weight: These are the basics of the bulletproof diet
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The basics

For some it is the success story from Silicon Valley, for others, it is simply another variant of the keto diet: IT millionaire and “bulletproof” inventor Dave Asprey himself lost carbohydrates thanks to a strict diet plan Consistently replacing more than 50 kilograms of body weight with foods containing fat and protein - this success should also motivate others. On the basis of his own experience and knowledge, he consequently developed the concept of the bulletproof diet.

The idea: Similar to the ketogenic diet, a consistent change in food focus should trigger the natural effect of ketosis, i.e. reprogram the metabolism, so to speak, and make it recognize fat as an energy source and not store it on the stomach, legs, and buttocks, but instead split and exploit 1: 1. Asprey's additional invention (and the core of the diet): the so-called bulletproof coffee, which, following the example of the typical Tibetan butter tea, "refines" black coffee with butter and coconut oil (200 milliliters of coffee is followed by a tablespoon of butter and coconut oil). The highly concentrated MCT fats (medium-chain triglycerides) contained in coconut oil should be easier to digest than other fats, significantly increase energy consumption and effectively support the body in melting away its fat deposits.

Bulletproof diet: These are the most important basic rules

The diet should consist of fifty to eighty percent fat, ten to thirty percent protein, and about five to thirty percent carbohydrates from vegetables and lettuce. Meat, marine animals, and fish should have a high protein and fat content, always be freshly prepared with little heat, and be of tested quality. Asprey generally recommends organic products fresh from the market. Sugar, cereals, legumes, dairy products, and sweet fruits are prohibited, as are snacks or snacks. Raw milk is allowed in moderation, as is around one unit of sour fruit per day.

Essential: Breakfast is replaced by a mug of freshly brewed Bulletproof coffee, the first meal should not be eaten before 2 p.m. In general, anyone who dares to do this should practice the bulletproof diet as intermittent fasting. The more consistently you persevere, the more ketosis takes place and the faster the pounds melt away, according to the bestseller of the same name.


Conclusion: is the bulletproof diet useful for losing weight?

Diet concepts are a dime a dozen; most of them are fundamentally similar. Whether low carb, intermediate fasting, or keto diet - which variant is the right one for you depends on your individual preferences and diet goals and can only be decided by yourself. However, one-sided diets that are reduced by important nutrient groups mean a health burden and can significantly increase the risks of deficiency symptoms and cardiovascular diseases. Whether a diet based on meat and fat makes sense at all and for how long it can be carried out should be clarified in advance with a doctor and/or nutrition expert. Regular health checks are also recommended.

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