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3 Holiday Hairstyles Under 5 Minutes


You are guaranteed not to go wrong over the holiday season with these 5-minute hairstyles.

3 Holiday Hairstyles Under 5 Minutes
These are the most beautiful quick holiday hairstyles.

Elaborate hairstyles look beautiful but are very difficult to create on your own. How good that we have picked out a few quick holiday hairstyles for you that look beautiful and are guaranteed to work.

Wavy hair with a twist

This look is elegant and far from complicated. Wash your hair, blow-dry it until it is smooth and then wave it with a curling iron. Let the waves cool down briefly and set with hairspray. Now separate the top layer of hair on the left and right and tie it together at the back with a nice clip. The great thing about it: The look works on long and short hair.

Wavy hair with a twist | 3 Holiday Hairstyles Under 5 Minutes

Loose ponytail

A casual ponytail isn't chic enough for the holidays? Thought wrong! It just has to be combined correctly. For example with a satin or velvet hair tie immediately creates a festive look. Either curl your hair a little or straighten it and tie it loosely in a pigtail at the back of the head.

Loose ponytail | 3 Holiday Hairstyles Under 5 Minutes

High bun

A high bun with a turtleneck looks particularly beautiful. So wear something high-necked on Christmas Eve if you opt for a bun. The rule here is the stricter, the better. Gather your hair close at the top of your head, twist it into a bun, and pin it at the top of the back of your head. Either with an inconspicuous elastic band or a velvet scrunchie.

High bun | 3 Holiday Hairstyles Under 5 Minutes

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