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90S Blonde Is The Classy Hair Color Trend For Spring 2023


Stylish luxury: 90s blonde is the hair color trend for spring 2022 - because it is more elegant than any other...

The trends of the 1990s are taking the present by storm and above all the nonchalant elegance of this era is magically attracting us again today. In fashion, we, therefore, place particular value on precise processing and high-quality - in the best case sustainable - materials and timeless design. A luxury that is very quiet instead of ostentatious. The 90s also produced the right hair color trend for stylish understatement and in 2022 it will celebrate a comeback. 90s blonde is causing a sensation as a hair color trend in spring 2022. We reveal what defines the trend and how to properly care for it.

90s Blonde is The Classy Hair Color Trend for Spring 2023

90s Blonde is The Classy Hair Color Trend for Spring 2023
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90s blonde: This is behind the hair color trend for 2022

While many hairstyle trends that are popular in 2022 exude a certain edge - such as the "wolf cut" or the "bixie" - 90s blonde should look particularly accurate and stylish. The hair color trend 90s blonde looks particularly luxurious and is a homage to the looks of blonde supermodels of this era such as Claudia Schiffer and Elle MacPherson, who radiated freshness and health as a counterpoint to the then-emerging "heroin chic".

Chanel brings this look back to the catwalk for spring/summer 2022 and with it the 90s blonde. Models with long blonde hair that is blow-dried to perfection and styled with care, exuding plenty of shine with a mix of soft honey-blonde shades and beach-blonde highlights. We can now indulge in luxury with this hair color trend!

90s blonde: This is behind the hair color trend for 2022 | 90s Blonde is The Classy Hair Color Trend for Spring 2023
Chanel spring/summer 2022

90s blonde: This is how the hair color trend for spring 2022 succeeds

The hair color trend 90s blond comes into its own best with hair that reaches at least to the shoulders. The rule here is: the longer the hair, the more the luxurious vibe of this hair color trend unfolds. In addition, layers that are too elaborate destroy the look of the preppy 90s blonde. To create the '90s blonde hair color trend, ask your stylist for a honey blonde base. The highlights should go in the direction of sunbleached and frame the face as baby highlights. The remaining highlights can be a bit wider to give the hair more volume. Important: This look lives from the fact that it is particularly well-groomed. The hair should therefore be styled with a hairdryer and a round brush. The tips can be flipped inwards or outwards.

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