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Best Hairstyles For Women Over 50


Which haircut suits a certain age, but doesn't look old-fashioned and also works with gray hair? The stars show how it is done.

Best hairstyles for women over 50

Cate Blanchett: Perfect Haircut for a 50 Years Old Woman

Hollywood divas have it easier than us in many areas of life. For example, they have the best stylists at their fingertips, who know exactly what is trendy and which look suits their age. Even the complex hair structure of gray hair or the age-related thinner hair does not overwhelm real professionals so quickly. It goes without saying that we look around Hollywood in search of hairstyle inspiration for mature women.

The best over 50 hairstyles

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone | Best hairstyles for women over 50

Age: 61

Haircut: With the flipped out bob, the ends of the hair point outwards and thus bring momentum into the hair. Beach waves lend additional volume and a young look.

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci | Best hairstyles for women over 50

Age: 55

Haircut: The relaxed pagan cut frames the face, but does not look like a motorcycle helmet on the head compared to the typical bobbed head. Here is space for individual strands, which loosen up the hairstyle.


Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster | Best hairstyles for women over 50

Age: 57

Haircut: The blunt bob is an unexcited haircut that can look stunning. The lengths are cut straight and do not have any steps. It comes into its own straight, but also curly.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres | Best hairstyles for women over 50

Age: 61

Haircut: The classic pixie is not only easy to style but also makes its wearer look younger and fresh.

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson | Best hairstyles for women over 50

Age: 60

Haircut: The long pixie is absolutely versatile - it works nobly for the big appearance, noble for everyday life, and also looks stunning when blown back or gelled.

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett | Best hairstyles for women over 50

Age: 50

Haircut: The long bob is suitable for all women who do not want to do without long hair even from 50 and who still want to wear an age-appropriate hairstyle. The side parting works like a soft focus on the face.

Elizabeth McGovern

Elizabeth McGovern | Best hairstyles for women over 50

Age: 58

Haircut: The Shaggy Bob is the wild one among bob hairstyles. It's wavy, edgy and I like to be a bit troubled. This haircut is suitable for women of all ages.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis | Best hairstyles for women over 50

Age: 61

Haircut: The short cut is felt to be the last step before really short stubble. This haircut is an absolute eye-catcher, especially with gray hair.

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda | Best hairstyles for women over 50

Age: 82

Haircut: The fluffy curly bob flatters the face and conveys: You can still have fun with me. Even at 50 plus I am not a bit conservative and adjusted and have my own mind.


Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch | Best hairstyles for women over 50

Age: 59

Haircut: The grown-out pixie looks effortless, but doesn't scream that the wearer needs a visit to the hairdresser soon. Thanks to the side parting, this cut looks very loose and airy.

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