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Fruit Acid Peeling For Radiant Skin


We all want beautiful, radiant, and fine-pored skin - many roads lead to Rome. Regular peels are necessary to get this. But which one? A fruit acid peel with natural acid is particularly effective.

Fruit acid peeling: Use, benefits & risks

Fruit acid peeling: Use, benefits & risks | Fruit acid peeling for radiant skin

Fruit acid peels with natural acid are particularly effective.

Fruit acid peeling: Use, benefits & risks | Fruit acid peeling for radiant skin

What is a fruit acid peel?

Fruit acid peelings are chemical peelings and often consist of naturally obtained alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA or fruit acids for short). These substances are used in their natural form as lactic acid (old cheese, sour milk, or sauerkraut), glycolic acid (unripe grapes or sugar cane juice), malic acid, tartaric acid, or citric acid. An AHA peeling can also be of synthetic origin. Both variants effectively dissolve the keratinization and improve the complexion of the skin.

Is a fruit acid peel suitable for all skin types?

Basically, a fruit acid peel is suitable for every skin type, i.e. for people with dry, oily, and impure, normal skin and mature skin. However, caution is advised for people with sensitive skin and couperose. Treatment should only be carried out by a dermatologist or a certified professional: During treatment, the small veins dilate, which can exacerbate skin problems. Patients with acne, on the other hand, can benefit from a fruit acid peel because the treatment is anti-inflammatory.

Important: Before use, an informative discussion with the patient and an anamnesis are necessary in order to rule out any allergies or diseases (e.g. herpes simplex) that could endanger the treatment.

A fruit acid peel is used for the following skin problems:

Fruit acid peelings are best done in the period from October to February, i.e. in the autumn and winter months, as the skin is very sensitive to the sun after the treatment. During the entire treatment period, one should not take sunbaths (direct sun and solarium) and use creams with a sun protection factor. In the case of acne, the condition can even worsen at times before any improvement occurs.

A fruit acid peeling is taboo for the following skin problems:

How does a fruit acid peel work?

It is all a question of dosage, with strong dosages only being used in practice. They are not intended for household use to improve the complexion. For the home, products are always available in a weaker form. Various products are available in perfumeries, drug stores, or online. Professional peelings therefore only take place at the dermatologist's or beautician's.

Warning: Even low-dose products for at home (up to 15 percent) can cause skin irritation. The specialist analyzes the skin in advance and decides whether a fruit acid peeling is to be used at all and in what concentration. Please therefore be careful when using it yourself!

The medium-strength fruit acids can penetrate into the uppermost layers of the skin and stimulate increased cell division - as a result, calluses or dead skin flakes are increasingly detached, with the top layer of skin being peeled off in a controlled manner. What we want emerges the new, younger layer of skin. Strong sun rays should be avoided two weeks before the treatment and around three months afterward.


The benefit of fruit acid peels

Because fruit acid peelings penetrate the uppermost layers of the skin, not only the skin metabolism is stimulated but also the formation of collagen. Collagen is broken down with age, but regular fruit acid peelings can always freshen up the complexion because regeneration is stimulated. Mechanical peelings cannot do that.

What is the difference between a normal peel and a fruit acid peel?

The so-called mechanical peeling is the weakest form of facial peeling. It only works on the surface. Dead skin flakes are removed by the granules and seeds contained in the peeling.

The fruit acid peeling works a lot deeper but still belongs to the superficial chemical peelings. You can buy fruit acid peelings with a low concentration in the drugstore. A more concentrated peeling must be carried out by the dermatologist. The concentration of the fruit acid is then matched to the skin type.

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