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Coloring: This Balayage Sublimates The First Gray Hair… Gray Blending Is The 2023 Trend


Sublimate rather a camouflage. This is the motto that gradually asserts itself when it comes to paying attention to the first gray hairs. Gray blending is a balayage that fits in with this approach.

Coloring: this balayage sublimates the first gray hair… Gray Blending is the 2023 trend

Once bluntly associated with "old age", white hair takes on a whole new dimension. Many people magnify and proudly display them. Silver hair is less and less demonized. It is more and more erected as a “gift of life”. It is the sign that time is passing, that life is taking a turn with grace and gratitude. Reese Witherspoon spoke about this in an interview with Allure in 2018: “I’m 43 years old and I’ve had so many experiences. I can speak thoughtfully […] I just feel like I deserve to have white hair and fine wrinkles. I love them. I'd rather be 43 than 25. ”

Containment and the measures taken in the face of the coronavirus pandemic have also done their work. The closure of hair salons has forced many women to let their hair live naturally to show off their silvery strands. Gone are the days when the trend was to completely camouflage the first gray hair. New “in-between” approaches are emerging to enhance both the first gray hair and the natural base not yet affected by canities.

A sublimating silver balayage

Gray blending is a new kind of balayage specially designed to enhance both gray and naturally colored bases. “A lot of women don't want to go with block camouflage anymore and we have incorporated the fact that they are looking for different ways to hide their gray hair,” says one hairstylist.

Watchword? Flexibility and limited maintenance. The idea is to add highlights and light to accentuate or blend gray hair. The goal is to break the blocks that are too visible to create more subtle strands. White hair captures light as much as naturally colored hair. Gray blending thus deposits a trompe l'oeil effect that distracts attention, to obtain a uniform and full-dimension result.

Like a traditional balayage, the coloring is placed a few inches from the root. The strands that frame the face are lightened to illuminate the complexion. The tips are left more or less natural.

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