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Lena Gercke Is Making Baby Blonde The Hair Color Trend In Spring 2023


Lena Gercke makes baby blonde the new trend hair color for spring 2021

Lena Gercke makes baby blonde the new trend hair color for spring 2021 | Lena Gercke is making baby blonde the hair color trend in spring 2023
Lena Gercke inspires us with the new trend hair color for spring 2021: Baby blond is now becoming an absolute eye-catcher...

The time for a new trend hair color has never been so appropriate: After the months of lockdown, the desire for change is great, the willingness for a completely new look is absolutely present - and the inspiration of trend pioneers like Lena Gercke is convincing. The model is now looking at the new trend hair color for spring 2021: soft baby blonde.

On the one hand, this blonde shade goes perfectly with the winter complexion, which looks much more radiant thanks to the light highlights, and on the other hand, shows the stylistic new beginning in its own look - which was honestly long overdue. Lena Gercke comes in at the right time with her trendy hair color and inspires with a new blonde look with which we are starting the new season from lockdown.

Baby blond: We take a look at this trend hair color from Lena Gercke

Bar-like approaches and brittle tips have accompanied us long enough, at the latest now a new look is warmly welcome: As soon as the hairdressing salons open again, we rely on the trend hair color by Lena Gercke to finally say goodbye to lockdown hair. Because: The baby blonde has great potential to become the most important hair color for 2021.

Lena Gercke has been relying on the extremely light, almost white-blonde highlights for a long time and shows how fresh this trend hair color looks now. In the meantime, Baby Blond was considered to be the exact opposite and was branded as unnatural due to the bright color. But at the latest when you see Lena Gercke, this impression disappears - the baby blond, on the one hand, supports her complexion and on the other hand looks like the model has just come back from summer vacation. No wonder that the trend of hair color for these associations is also being considered for spring 2021.

Baby blond: We take a look at this trend hair color from Lena Gercke | Lena Gercke is making baby blonde the hair color trend in spring 2023
Instagram: @lenagercke

Naturally beautiful: this is how Lena Gercke's trend hair color comes into its own

Blond, blond, baby blond: Lena Gercke's trend hair color is actually an eye-catcher for the new season - after all, in the currently dark time of the year, similar tones are expected. But this is exactly why baby blonde is a good idea for spring: This hair color goes well with pale complexions, which you can hardly deny after months of lockdown and winter, saying goodbye to the approach that is actually not an option with this trend, and prepare you mentally for spring.

Following the example of Lena Gercke, the hair in baby blond looks best as a medium-length hairstyle - this is mainly due to the healthy tips and a look that is currently also one of the trends. With a long bob or hair that extends straight over the shoulders, you are ideally positioned for the trendy hair color. The only important thing is that the hair (ideally by the professionals in the hairdressing salon) is evenly colored, that a conscious approach is avoided, and that the warm pigments are pulled out of the hair if necessary. The baby blond only comes into its own when it radiates a certain cold (appropriate for the time of year!).

In styling, this effect can be enhanced with a silver shampoo and a suitable conditioner, for example, or hair glossing ensures that the hair looks healthy and shiny. Otherwise, we like to be inspired by Lena Gercke in this regard and add soft waves to the trend hair color or style them in a loose low bun for spring.

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