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How We Style Our Hair This Winter


Bun variations, silk bandanas, and more - winter has some stylish hairstyle trends in store for us. The latest hair variations not only impress with their look, they are also very easy and quick. A few minutes before the Zoom conference is enough for a trendy hairstyle!

In winter we can hardly get out of bed in the morning. We hop in the shower, brush our teeth, wash our face, and quickly put on some make-up. Then our hair is already on. But most of the time is short and a typical ponytail or a quick hairstyle has to be enough. But this winter there are some stylish and fast trending hairstyles that should become part of your hair routine.

Practical "Halfie Hair"

Practical `Halfie Hair` | How we style our hair this winter

“Halfie Hair” is the solution if you can't decide whether you want to wear your hair open or folded. Thanks to the easy look, all the strands don't hang in your face and make everyday life easier for us with loose hair. You can easily tie half of your hair in a bun or ponytail and you can also pull out shorter strands of the front section of hair, which will border your face nicely. If you like it a little more romantic, but still practical, you can twist or braid the front hair backward and secure it with bobby pins.

Chic silk bandanas

Chic silk bandanas | How we style our hair this winter

Chic silk bandanas | How we style our hair this winter

Chic silk bandanas | How we style our hair this winter

Chic silk bandanas | How we style our hair this winter

Bandanas are not only rockier these days, but made of silk can also complement any chic hairstyle and outfit. Especially on Bad Hair Days, the hair accessories are perfect for taming our hair and the silky fabric does not feel uncomfortable. But under the bandana, there are endless possibilities for how you can best style your hair. Classic open hair - whether straight or curly - can be spiced up with it. Braids of all kinds also go well with the light boho look of the silk bandanas.

The classic neck braid

The classic neck braid | How we style our hair this winter

The classic neck braid | How we style our hair this winter

As children, we all wore this hairstyle once: the classic neck braid. Today the hairstyle is one of the trendiest hairstyles and is worn by fashion influencers and models on and off the catwalk. The most elegant look is the braid with a center parting, which is now also totally trendy again. The simple hairstyle becomes even more eye-catching with eye-catching hair clips, which gives every look an elegant flair. Bucket hats or a beret also go perfectly with the simple braid.


Stylish bun variations

Stylish bun variations | How we style our hair this winter

Anyone who thinks the ballerina version and the messy bun version is the only ways to style your bun has thought wrong. In addition to the classics, there are so many other stylish bun hairstyles this winter. So you can simply embellish your deep bun on the neck with a scrunchie or twirl three individual strands and then pin them together - you have a twirl bun that attracts everyone's attention. But if you can't get enough of the topknot, you can simply wear three buns next to each other this winter.

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