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Hair: Which Cut To Choose According To The Shape Of My Nose?


MORPHO-BEAUTY. Nose too big, too big, too wide… what if we learned how to comb our hair to reduce the defects of this nose which makes us so complex? Discover the advice of a professional hairdresser to find the haircut that will sublimate your nose whatever its shape.

Hair: Which cut to choose according to the shape of my nose?

We have all already found a fault in our nose, especially during adolescence. But sometimes, this complex persists despite the years and it is very complicated to get rid of it. Placed in the middle of the face, it is impossible to miss and if it displeases, we have the impression of only seeing him! From the front or in profile, this nose, which cannot be fully camouflaged, is on display for all to see.

So to avoid the scalpel box as much as possible, there is a solution: find the right harmony between the nose and the hair. Claudia Zocco, cutting and tying expert at Dessange confirms this: "When we are complexed by our nose, it is important not to try too hard to hide it but on the contrary to compose around it, in order to find the right balance". The hair expert, therefore, reveals her tips and tricks to us and explains how to best balance our hair volumes according to the features of our emptying.

If I find my nose too big

To reduce the impression of a large and long nose, it is interesting to play with slightly long bangs or gentle wicking movements. But be careful, no sharp and graphic bangs since the fairly angular features of this nose will be accentuated if the latter is too structured. Ideally, we opt for false bangs or curtain bangs. We are also going to work on a side parting, avoiding a parting in the middle which would thus accentuate the long and thin side of this nose. You can play on the volume by making a layered over the entire hair. For the hairstyle, we choose waves or even curls, which will harmonize the face. We favor effects of nuanced and soft colors such as mocha, the trend this winter.

To avoid: Short bangs or hair pulled back because the exposed face highlights the facial features. Hair that is too flat and straight will accentuate the angular effect of the nose. Also to be avoided, hair colors that are too marked, such as raven black or very light blond, is too extreme for this type of nose.

If I find my nose too big | Hair: Which cut to choose according to the shape of my nose?

To reduce a long nose, go for long, wavy hair and soft color.

If I find my nose too large

In order to see less of a nose that is considered too big and dominant on a face, the ideal is to look away towards the hair and the general volume of the hairstyle, from the front - on the top and the sides - but also in profile - behind the head. It is complicated to bring a lot of volume to long hair, so we will turn to a bob with lengths at collarbone height, mid-neck, or why not a false short, but always making sure to keep enough material to work on the volume all around the head. We can also have fun with the color, the goal being to bring the eye to our hair.

To avoid: The very short boyish cut and the short bangs and: the lengths of straight wand hair.

If I find my nose too large | Hair: Which cut to choose according to the shape of my nose?

A square collarbone length is perfect to reduce a nose that is a little too present.

If I find my nose too wide

Very important subtlety, compared for example to a big nose: here we will mainly work on the volume at the temples and the back of the head. We can easily start with a shortcut and open the face because we are going to focus on the sides of the hair. The larger the volume, the more the nose will blend into balance. If you don't want to opt for bangs or locks, you can afford to back off at the forehead. It is also possible to play with gradients and waves that will bring softness.

Avoid: Hair pulled back and long straight hair.

If I find my nose too wide | Hair: Which cut to choose according to the shape of my nose?

A short cut with volume at the temples will reduce a nose considered too wide.

If I find my nose too upturned

To give length to this upturned nose, often considered small, we can bet on a hairstyle composed of a parting in the middle. Always in order to lengthen the nose, we will clear the forehead area. Another tip: play with waves that go outward (a bit like Farrah Fawcett) which will enhance the nose. We can also lighten our color slightly to soften the features of our face.

Avoid: Too thick locks or bangs which risk closing the face and focusing attention on the nose.

If I find my nose too upturned | Hair: Which cut to choose according to the shape of my nose?

Long live the waves to lengthen a too upturned nose.

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