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Copper Shade: Opt For A Hair Change This Winter


If you want to change up your hair color for the season, copper ombre is sure to win your heart. This timeless trend allows you to give your face a healthy glow, but also to sport a much more wintery color.

Copper Shade: Opt For A Hair Change This Winter

The copper color is very coveted in beauty: whether it is to color the hair or to sublimate your eyes with a magnificent eye shadow that will lift your eyes. When it comes to makeup or coloring, you can easily find your happiness thanks to this coloring.

As for your hair, as a worthy heir to tie and dye (and much more canon), we named copper ombre. For a subtle hair change that will have an effect, this coloring will be perfect. Ornella Galvez, the colorist at the Maison Kennedy salon in Nice, tells us more about this technique. "The copper ombre, like a classic ombre, will illuminate the entire bottom of the hair as a fade, getting as close as possible to the roots. The goal is to give a very natural effect except that instead of being blond, it will be copper". Whether you are blonde or brunette, copper ombre may be right for you. "It is possible to cover blond, a blonde ombré for example, with a copper color for example with a patina or a coloring, or both depending on the rendering". However, the coloring is much easier to obtain on a light base than on a dark base which must imperatively go through the discoloration box. But, it is not impossible to achieve a copper ombré on already colored hair, on one condition, as the colorist reminds us, "the hair must obviously not be damaged".

But be careful to choose your shade of copper because depending on the client's skin tone, it will be different. The role of the colorist will be here to advise his model as best as possible to optimize the success of his technique. As the colorist explains, "copper is suitable for any type of skin tone. It should be noted that if the client has a slightly more golden color on the skin, we will opt for reflections that are a little softer, such as a coppery Venetian blond type, with reflections a little warmer. Conversely, if the client has a little whiter skin, we are going to look at reflections that are a little cooler, therefore a copper rather auburn, a little more red or even flamboyant ”. For fair to matte skin tones, a mahogany red may work, as well as a Venetian blonde for fair to tanned skin. A coppery red will suit fair skin tones while an Irish red will suit very fair skin with small freckles for example.

The result of the copper shade

It's all about light. "The copper shade will enhance the complexion and bring a certain luminosity to the client's face," says Ornella Galvez. The key is in the hands of the colorist who must know how to adapt it according to the type of skin of his model. “For example, if we are dealing with a very dark-haired client who decides to go for an Irish red, the color will not suit her skin tone. It is imperative that the hairdresser adapts to each shade of skin and gives the best advice ". By opting for a copper ombré, we choose to bring light: the main goal is really to give shine and enhance the shade of the client's natural color. Hair contouring can also be done by the colorist to re-harmonize facial features: an additional touch recommended by the 32-year-old hairdresser.

Maintaining a copper shade

Caring for hair is one of the most important things when deciding whether to color or bleach it (and even when nothing is done to it). Indeed, maintaining them well allows keeping longer the shine and the reflection of the color. "If a brunette chooses a copper ombré, then she will undergo some discoloration as well as coloration and a patina to obtain a nice copper. Indeed at this time, the hair will be sensitized. It is therefore important to use a product that will consolidate the hair fiber of the hair as well as a treatment applied well after wringing the hair to make the product penetrate the inside of the hair ". To maintain the copper, "there are what are called repigmenting shampoos as well as copper-colored repigmenting treatments that will allow you to keep this shade always with pep and shine". A more than necessary maintenance because as the shampoos progress the color loses its intensity and its shine. Maintenance will vary depending on the client's base natural color. "When the client only uses a copper color (without discoloration because it is basic light), on the product side, an anti-bleeding shampoo will be necessary to maintain the red color and once a week use a copper shampoo pigment and if necessary add the copper pigmenting treatment". When using this type of product, it is important to wear gloves because the products used may leave marks!

As you will have understood, the copper shade must imperatively be carried out by a hairdressing professional with an irreproachable technique because a failure is never far away... And besides, it is thanks to the memories of the failures of the tie and trend dye that it is better to go for this much prettier and melted hair color. So in the closet the awful tie and dye. And if you're in the mood for a jumpstart but lacking inspiration, Pinterest is full of nuggets to give you plenty of ideas for your next haircut. The application has an impressive stock of ideas: enough to find your happiness thanks to a favorite publication!

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