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The "Man Bun": Emblem Of Modern Masculinity Or A Crime Against Hair?


From David Beckham or Brad Pitt to Harry Styles, many male stars have been seen wearing the "man bun" - but the topknot on the neck is not just for fans.

The "man bun": Emblem of modern masculinity or a crime against hair?

"Man Bun": Two editors, two opinions

While (very unconfirmed) rumors are floating around that Prince Harry has put on a ponytail since moving to California, two editors argue for and against the controversial topknot.

Lexxi Duffy, Social Media Editor, on the "Man Bun"

To the shock and disappointment of many (including my dear colleagues from the UK), I love the "man bun". And I am happy to announce that. In fact, I generally like long hair on men - for me, it's a real shame to see luscious locks cut short. Did anyone flinch when Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, or Harry Styles wore a man bun? No. Why? Because it was hot. Did anyone complain when David Beckham or Jason Momoa imitated the style? I do not think so. To be honest, I am bored of anything that is gender-compliant. Men should be able to just wear a bun, a dress, or a full make-up if they want, without causing a stir.

Lexxi Duffy, Social Media Editor, on the `Man Bun` | The "man bun": Emblem of modern masculinity or a crime against hair?

Harry Styles in 2015

That being said, I've had a longstanding affinity for the controversial style, as my father has been wearing a bun for ten years. It's a "gentleman's chignon," he says. So I associate this style with him - he's a very cool, nice guy. My husband has a man bun right now too, but that's more of a side effect of the fact that the barbershop is closed. I still like it.

Hannah Coates, Digital Beauty Editor, on the "Man Bun"

If there is one thing I really loathe, it is a "man bun". He's the trademark of both the man who thinks a little too good about himself and his exact opposite, a man who never washes his hair and instead uses the natural oils of the scalp as styling pomade, that makes me shudder. It is worst if the hair is also shaved below the knot. This hairstyle does absolutely no one a favor, it's the hair equivalent of a pretentious, meticulously trimmed goatee and is almost always paired with tight, tattered jeans.

Hannah Coates, Digital Beauty Editor, on the `Man Bun` | The "man bun": Emblem of modern masculinity or a crime against hair?

Leonardo DiCaprio in 2015

Those who have not yet made up their minds on this important debate should think of Leonardo DiCaprio, an attractive man who took the "man bun" path and never really found his way back. Jake Gyllenhaal, Bradley Cooper, and Colin Farrell all looked a lot better before and after their brief banter about this style, and do I have to mention Justin Bieber at all? In my opinion, most men who wear something like this are mistaken that it makes them look something like Jason Momoa, the Viking-like action star who dresses in gender-fluid clothes and is married to Lisa Bonet. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

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