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Beach Waves With A Curling Iron: Style The Look The Right Way


Do you want hair from the beach? Then try Beach Waves with the curling iron!

Beach Waves with A Curling Iron: Style The Look The Right Way
Influencer Negin Mirsalehi shows how casual the beach waves can look.

Beach Waves with A Curling Iron: Style The Look The Right Way
We'll tell you how to style the perfect beach waves with the curling iron.

Beach waves are among the most natural looks in the beauty world and make you want summer, sun, beach, and sea. The natural waves can be easily styled with both the curling iron and the flat iron. We'll tell you how styling with the wand works and the best way to take care of the beach waves.

What are beach waves?

A look in which the hair is styled curly is called beach waves. Actually, the natural and casual waves arise after bathing in the sea. When the saltwater on the hair dries in the sun, loose waves are created. They provide a lot of volumes and fluff up your hair naturally.

Who do Beach Waves suit?

In principle, beach waves are suitable for any hairstyle, but it depends on the length of the hair. Beach waves are especially great for women with long hair, as the natural look is particularly effective here. Your hair should reach at least your chin so that big enough curls can be curled with the curling iron.

Styling beach waves with a curling iron: This is how it works

  1. Separate your hair into strands and take a small section of hair between your fingers.
  2. Twist the top section of the separated hair inward around the curling iron. Hold this position for a few seconds and then remove the strand from the curling iron.
  3. Now it's the turn of the lower part of the strands of hair. Twist that section of hair the other way and hold the wand in place again for a few seconds. The different twists give your hair casual waves in a beach look.
  4. Continue this technique until all the strands are curled and you've wanded all of your hair.
  5. You don't necessarily have to wave the tips of your hair. Your hair will fall more naturally this way, making it totally trendy.

Styling tip: The following applies to both styling with a wand and a straightening iron: Always make sure you have sufficient heat protection. The temperature of the curling iron can get very warm, so your hair should be protected from the damaging heat. If your hair is very sensitive, get a curling iron with different heat settings.

Styling the beach waves overnight

If you do not yet have a curling iron or straightening iron, you can also proceed as follows when styling the beach waves:

  1. Wash your hair at night just before you go to bed.
  2. Separate your hair into individual strands and twist them around your fingers.
  3. Tie the wet strands of hair into a braid.
  4. Lay in bed with this hairstyle and leave it in overnight.
  5. The next morning you will see that your hair has acquired some waves.


Proper care for hair with waves

Once you have styled your beach waves successfully, they should of course last as long as possible. With waves, it's easy to lose out and the hair falls back into its old structure. To prevent this, hair care products that specialize in beach waves and waves are suitable. Shampoos and conditioners that do not weigh down the hair and provide a lot of moisture are particularly suitable for hair care. Hair experts also swear by curling balm, which is massaged into wet hair after the shower. If you then style your hair with the curling iron, the beach waves will last much longer. Hairspray is suitable for fixing the result. But you can also use a salt spray on the hair to get the original beach look.

With the right styling products and high-quality curling iron, you too can get a real holiday feeling at home. Beach waves make your look particularly natural and casual. You can easily integrate the care of the curls into your beauty routine. Have fun styling!

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