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Oily Hair: 8 Tips To (Finally) Space Out Your Shampoos


Your eating habits and lifestyle play an important role. But not only...

Oily Hair: 8 Tips To (Finally) Space Out Your Shampoos

You spend hours shampooing your head, then brushing your hair with the utmost care. Yet, just hours later, your scalp is already oily and your roots are flat. The verdict is clear: you have oily hair. How to cure it? Here are 8 tips you probably haven't thought of!

Why do we have greasy hair?

Greasy hair is explained by an excess of sebum, also called hyper seborrhoea. It is an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands. If it is essential to act as a protector against external aggressions, it becomes problematic when it is secreted in too large quantities. Indeed, in this case, the roots become oily and the lengths are not more hydrated and nourished. Several factors can explain this excessive secretion: an unbalanced diet, stress, fatigue, certain medications, pollution...Nevertheless, by adopting certain daily gestures, it is possible to act on this excess sebum that is rotting your life.

8 tips to follow to the letter

Space out your shampoos!

As you know, it is the key to having healthy hair. Obviously, the problem is that from the second day of shampoo, your hair is dirty. And that's where you have to make an effort: tie your hair up and forget about it.

Ditch the dry shampoo

This advice joins the first. Indeed, you will probably be tempted to spray your hair with dry shampoo to hide the misery. And you'll be wrong: dry shampoo only attacks your roots and boosts sebum secretion... It's the cat that is killing its tail!


Use a clean brush

To sanitize greasy hair, it is essential that you use a big cleaner when your hair is. The best is to have three: one dedicated to clean hair, the other to dirty hair, and the last, to hair soaked in products or care.

Brush your hair night and morning

This is the in-di-spen-sand step to remedying your sebum problem. Brushing the hair allows you to spread the sebum over the lengths and thus better distribute the "fat". In addition, your ends will gain hydration.

Choose sulfate-free shampoos and treatments

Say goodbye to sulfates, parabens, and other chemicals...The fewer ingredients, the better! Klorane and Typology offer excellent composition.

Don't overuse masks

Take care not to apply it to the skull and rinse it off for several minutes. Once a week max!

Rinse your hair with cold water, head upside down

This is essential to close the scales and remove product residue.

Have a pillowcase dedicated to the days when your hair is dirty

Again, the best is to dedicate a pillowcase to dirty hair and another to clean hair!

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