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Hairstyle For Sleeping: This Sock Trick Is Awesome


With this ingenious trick, your hair will look freshly styled in the morning...

Don't have the time or inclination to style your hair long in the morning? Then you can do it in peace the night before because this sleeping trick ensures that your hairstyle does not get damaged at night.

Hairstyle For Sleeping: This Sock Trick Is Awesome

It's usually stressful in the morning. Shower, have breakfast, get dressed, get ready for the office or home office. There is not much time and desire for elaborate hair styling - provided you don't want to get up at 5 a.m. How convenient would it be if you could comfortably style your hair in the evening and wake up in the morning with exactly the same hairstyle? Unfortunately, we know from experience that tossing and turning at night destroys any curls or waves and the next morning there is actually nothing but chaos on your head. Until now! Because there is a pretty clever trick circulating on the net on how to get your curls or waves overnight.

Yes, you heard me right. To get your beautifully styled hair overnight, you need a sock. Not just any sock, but a particularly soft sock. For example, a fluffy cotton sock or a cashmere sock. The softer the fabric, the better. How do we know the trick? Of course from TikTok. There, user @asjmarrie12 shared a video showing her beautiful curls. In her hand, she holds a winter sock, which she pulls over her hair. The promise: the soft sock protects your hair overnight and keeps it the way it is until the next morning.

Hairstyle For Sleeping: This Sock Trick Is Awesome



Does the trick really work?

Of course, TikTok users want to see results and ask for a second video showing the hair the next morning. No sooner said than done – Ashley immediately published a new clip in which she removes the sock again. Lo and behold: your hair actually comes out the way it was packed in the sock the night before. We find a hairstyle trick that we absolutely have to try soon.

Does the trick really work? | Hairstyle For Sleeping: This Sock Trick Is Awesome



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