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Hair Care: Worst Thing You Can Do To Gray Hair


Attention! If you have gray hair, you should definitely avoid making this one serious mistake. It does more harm than good.

Hair Care: Worst Thing You Can Do To Gray Hair

Gray hair is especially popular this year.

Gray hair has finally shed its negative reputation and can be proudly worn by any woman. Silver and gray highlights are now even considered a trendy hair color trend. But what if you're not a fan of the naturally occurring new hair color? Or maybe you feel like changing and you want to spice up the gray? There is one thing that you should absolutely avoid: highlights.

This is why highlights are bad for gray hair

Even if highlights at first glance may seem like an effective solution for bringing new color pigments into your hair, you should avoid them whenever possible. Star colorist George Papanikolas explains that using highlights can damage your hair and also create an unsightly contrast to your natural complexion. Fortunately, that doesn't mean that you have to do without color completely.

This is why highlights are bad for gray hair | Hair Care: Worst Thing You Can Do To Gray Hair

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Light color instead of highlights

Papanikolas advises women who naturally have darker hair to give the hairlines more dimension by using the light interplay of colors and thereby concealing gray hair. These can be combined with super fine highlights and thus give the hair color more strength and expression. Natural blondes can, however, highlight their gray hair without hesitation.

Since it is currently not possible to enter a hairdressing salon, the star colorist recommends using semi-permanent products such as hairline sprays or color powders to cover up the gray roots.

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