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Lose Weight Healthily: These Foods Are Worse Than Sugar!

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These foods are even more harmful to the body than sugar.

Too much sugar has been shown to damage the body, weaken the immune system and stick the cells together. The result is a higher susceptibility to infections and inflammation as well as other disorders of the organism, the consequences of which range from skin blemishes, wrinkles, and hair loss to hormonal disorders, diabetes, and heart disease. Above all, industrial sugar should be avoided; Natural sweeteners such as coconut blossom sugar, fructose, honey, and stevia are less of a concern.

Lose Weight Healthily: These Foods Are Worse Than Sugar!
Sugar can make you fat and sick.

In addition to sugar, nutrition experts and doctors also warn against other types of food. Because they are harmful to health, are toxic, or can lead to high cholesterol levels and obesity. Accordingly, in addition to sugar, the following foods from the kitchen must also be reduced. Because their ingredients have been proven to be hazardous to health and can accelerate the natural aging process many times over.

These foods are even worse for the body than sugar

1. Hidden sugars and sugar variants

Not every sugar is immediately recognizable as such. Chemical names that are listed in the small print of the ingredients are often overlooked or classified as harmless. The usual sugar variants include maltose, sucrose, fructose, glucose or glucose syrup, and lactose. In addition, most finished products contain hidden sugars and flavor enhancers, which can burden and damage the organism. These include ready-made sauces such as ketchup and salad dressings, ready-made meals, corn flakes, muesli bars, ready-made smoothies, fruit juices, yoghurts, or dairy foods as well as instant tea and instant coffee varieties.

1. Hidden sugars and sugar variants | Lose Weight Healthily: These Foods Are Worse Than Sugar!
Many desserts contain hidden sugars and artificial colors.

2. Artificial colors

Luminous jelly and desserts in the most beautiful pastel colors? Those who cook themselves rely on vegetable dyes, which can also be assumed in high-quality restaurants. In canteens, bistros, and most supermarket foods, however, there are lots of artificial colors and preservatives and - surprise! - loads of sugar.


3. Preservatives

In order to keep food, especially cold cuts, and sausages, as long as possible, various methods are available, such as pasteurization by heating or curing with salt. For this purpose, nitrites, i.e. salts, are added to the food, which put a strain on the cardiovascular system, can be responsible for water retention, and are considered carcinogenic (especially if the food is regularly consumed or heated).

3. Preservatives | Lose Weight Healthily: These Foods Are Worse Than Sugar!
Virgin olive oil is suitable for cold dishes, antipasti, and salads, but not for frying.

4. Hardened fats and oils

It is well known that saturated fatty acids can be found in foods of animal origin such as butter, lard, sausage, and meat products as well as most types of fast food, above all in french fries, burgers, and pizza. What they at least know: hydrogenated vegetable fat and industrially manufactured frying oils also contain the majority of the unhealthy fats. They slow down the metabolism, ensure fat deposits and a significantly increased cholesterol level, and should be replaced by essential variants such as olive, walnut, or rapeseed oil. The only exception: for heating at very high temperatures, refined oils are to be preferred to native, polyunsaturated oils, as these oxidize, decompose and form harmful aldehydes when heated.

5. Meat products

Lean, light-colored meats such as poultry or boiled ham are recommended not only as part of slimming programs and diets. So-called red meat, i.e. meat products made from beef, pork, lamb, or game if it is too large and if it is not organic, can pollute the entire organism. The consequences can be vascular and heart diseases up to and including infarction and an increased risk of developing cancer.

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