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Skincare: 5 Care Mistakes That You Should Absolutely Avoid


Finding the perfect skincare product for yourself is not that easy. We'll tell you which typical mistakes often happen and how to avoid them. Avoid these five biggest skincare mistakes!

Skincare: 5 care mistakes that you should absolutely avoid

You should definitely avoid these mistakes in skincare

1. The products do not match the skin type

It sounds banal, but it is the most important factor in proper skincare: No matter how popular, qualitative, and convincing the products are - if they don't suit your skin type, you're doing your skin a disservice. What works well for your girlfriend doesn't necessarily have to be right for you.

Analyze your skin very carefully to find out what needs it has. Is the skin oily but lacking in moisture? Do you have blemished but mature skin? Is it dry or do you have combination skin? For every type, there is the right care product that is worth investing in. If you are not sure, let a dermatologist or beautician analyze you.

And one more thing: once we have found care products that we tolerate well, we often stay with them for years. Of course, that makes sense as long as they serve us well. But what we sometimes forget: Our skin changes over time and its needs change accordingly. You should therefore regularly check the condition of your skin and readjust it.

2. Forget the sun protection factor

When it gets warm again outside and the sun shines from the sky, we naturally think of sun protection. After all, UV rays are one of the biggest causes of wrinkles. Nevertheless, we should also think about the sun protection factor all year round - even in winter!

A day cream with SPF 20 or 30 is therefore ideal. This way, you are always protected to a minimum from UV radiation and prevent skin aging symptoms.


3. Exfoliate blemished skin

Yes, you read that right. We are only too happy to try to “scrub away” impurities and pimples with a peeling. In general, gentle peelings once a week with fine grains also make sense to remove dead skin and small impurities.

But if you suffer from a lot of blackheads or inflamed pimples, the peeling will only irritate the damaged skin and spread the bacteria unnecessarily.

Instead, it is better to use care products such as serums and creams that are tailored to blemished skin and contain salicylic acid, for example. The active ingredient fights bacteria and inhibits sebum production.

4. Not removing make-up properly

We know the moment: In the evening, when we throw ourselves exhausted on the couch and just want to rest for a moment before we remove our makeup. But then we doze off on the sofa and just drag ourselves over to the bed. To remove makeup? Nothing!

Even now and then, that shouldn't happen to us. Thorough make-up removal and skin cleansing prevents pimples, irritated skin, and puffy eyes. We also leave contaminants and bacteria on the pillow that punish our sloppiness even the following night.

By the way: If you go to bed with mascara on, you run the risk of broken eyelashes. If that weren't enough reasons to get up to clean your face in the evening!

5. Too little moisture

Getting dressed after showering and doing your hair before we apply the cream to our face? And does the skin actually get used to the moisture and stop working itself if we help too much? All wrong!

Applying lotion is essential for beautiful skin. Especially after washing and showering, the skin's hydrolipid layer is disturbed and needs to be supported. In this way, we prevent dryness, irritation, and, above all, the formation of wrinkles. You can't go wrong on this point, because every skin type needs moisture - even oily skin! Just make sure to use a day care cream without greases, but based on water.

Tip: The skin benefits most from the care when you apply it to the damp face. This is the longest way for the skin to use it.

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