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Scalp Scrub: A Miraculous Hair Treatment?


Oily or flat hair, which does not grow, dandruff, itching... What if scalp scrub was the answer to all our hair concerns?

Benefits of hair scrub on hair | Scalp scrub: a miraculous hair treatment?

Exfoliating the epidermis during a facial treatment or in the shower to renew the skin of the whole body is a matter of course. However, the scalp is often forgotten in this exfoliation step which is a beauty gesture that is carried out from head to toe!

Why do a scalp scrub?

The skin of the skull, like that of the face and body, also needs to be renewed regularly. It therefore also presents small dead skin which is supposed to detach naturally from the epidermis to reveal a regenerated and healthy scalp. But sometimes the skin renewal process is not done optimally. Dead cells may have difficulty falling and sticking to the skin of the skull, or they may be stuck together when they peel off the skull and form larger patches of dead skin - called scales - that do not fall out. of the scalp themselves (we say that the scalp is peeling). This is why it is interesting to make a hair scrub that will precisely facilitate this cellular regeneration at the level of the skin of the scalp in order to prevent dead cells from suffocating it - remember that it breathes by capturing the oxygen in the ambient air in addition to being oxygenated by the blood supplies of its small vessels - and prevent it from renewing itself properly. In addition, this exfoliation will not only rid the skull of dead skin but also impurities such as residues of pollution and hair products (care, oils, styling products) which accumulate over the days at the roots. and scalp. While a simple shampoo can certainly cleanse the scalp and the hair, it will not be able to offer a purifying treatment as deep to your scalp as a hair scrub.
As you will have understood, this scalp treatment is therefore not essential on a healthy scalp (even if it can be applied there from time to time as a detox treatment), but the scalp exfoliator is, on the other hand, a dream treatment for problematic scalps.

By purifying the skin of the scalp in this way, the scalp scrub also comes to the aid of people suffering from dandruff (by helping to eliminate them) and the itching associated with it, as well as to those who have problems with oily roots because it will in the process free the skull of excess sebum. It should be noted, however, that it does not treat the cause of dandruff but only helps to eliminate it in the shower to prevent it from falling as a fine rain on your shoulders.

Finally, the hair scrub can - contrary to popular belief - also be suitable for sensitive scalps as long as it is well chosen. Some exfoliating hair products are indeed designed to respect the reactivity of the skin of the skull thanks to their moisturizing properties. By nourishing the skin of the skull and ridding it of impurities and irritating residues of hair products (shampoo, mask, oil, etc.) which are the cause of inflammation and unpleasant itching, the scalp exfoliator also soothes sensitive scalps.

Benefits of hair scrub on hair

Benefits of hair scrub on hair | Scalp scrub: a miraculous hair treatment?

In addition to deep cleansing the scalp, exfoliating the scalp has many other benefits for the health and beauty of the hair.
This purifying hair treatment also rids the hair fiber of dead skin, dandruff, excess sebum, and other impurities of all kinds that can prevent it from fully benefiting from the care you apply to your hair. It, therefore, improves the effectiveness of nourishing and conditioning hair products (shampoos, masks, oils) that you use in your hair care routine.
Also, by overcoming all these scalp problems, the hair scrub is a product that creates a favorable environment for the growth of beautiful, healthy hair. Having a healthy and balanced scalp is indeed the basis for having beautiful, resistant hair and hair fiber that does not lack shine.
In the case of oily and flat hair weighed down by sebum stored in the roots, in particular, its purifying action allows the hair to gain in volume, the roots to regain all their vigor, and therefore the hair to regain fullness. A real hairstyle asset!
Finally, exfoliation performed on the scalp also stimulates the microcirculation of the scalp, which allows our blood vessels to supply the fiber with all the nutrients necessary for good health and hair growth. And since it promotes oxygenation in the skin at the same time, it can really help to grow hair faster. It is therefore a product to try when you notice that your hair is dull and lacking in tone or that it is no longer growing (or at least only very slowly).

Choosing the right scalp scrub

The hair scrub is a care product that generally comes in the form of a more or less thick paste that contains exfoliating grains. But it nevertheless reveals many galenic ranging from thick paste loaded with large exfoliating particles to light jelly enriched with micro-particles that provide ultra-gentle exfoliation. When it comes to the latter type of hair scrub, then sometimes we even speak of exfoliating shampoo or exfoliating shampoo to describe them.
Like many exfoliants for the face and for the body, the hair scrub offers the scalp a mechanical treatment, that is to say, that the exfoliation is made possible thanks to the massaging action of its exfoliating grains that loosen impurities. Its exfoliating particles are most often made from natural ingredients such as sea salt, sugar, apricots (crushed stones), or even pine hulls (reduced to powder). But it is not always satisfied with this purely mechanical action and sometimes associates with it, in addition, a less abrasive enzymatic action (similar to that of scrubs without grain for the face). The formulas then incorporate enzymes that work by “nibbling” on dead skin to gently pull away from the skin (pumpkin enzymes, AHA fruit acids). If you don't have a particular problem, it's up to you to choose the galenic you prefer.


Natura Siberica sea buckthorn scalp scrub

Natura Siberica sea buckthorn scalp scrub | Scalp scrub: a miraculous hair treatment?

On the other hand, if you have a sensitive scalp, it is important not to use just any product and to opt for a treatment specifically designed for and whose texture is not very abrasive. In short, a jelly or shampoo that contains few grains and preferably small in size because they are then less irritating than large ones. Scrubs offering an enzymatic action are also to be preferred, as are those that contain moisturizing and soothing active ingredients that soothe itchy skin. To choose between salt or sugar-based treatment, preferably one with sugar because it is a nourishing active for the skin.

Soothing Fusio-Scrub by Kérastase

Soothing Fusio-Scrub by Kérastase | Scalp scrub: a miraculous hair treatment?

If your hair is oily, consider taking a look at the composition of your treatment to make sure that it contains a detoxifying and sebum-regulating agent such as peppermint (which is called Mentha piperita in the INCI list) or oil tea tree extract (which you will find under the name of tea tree extract) to help regulate excess sebum over time. The hair scrub will especially work wonders on frizzy or very curly hair that tends to accumulate sebum at the roots because of their tight curls.

Scalp Exfoliating Scrub with Sugar Cane & Tea Tree Oil by John Masters Organics

Scalp Exfoliating Scrub with Sugar Cane & Tea Tree Oil by John Masters Organics | Scalp scrub: a miraculous hair treatment?

If you have dandruff, know that there are also specific products that sometimes even contain active ingredients to instantly and permanently eliminate dandruff.

Anti-Dandruff Exfoliating Jelly - Melaleuca by René Furterer

Anti-Dandruff Exfoliating Jelly - Melaleuca by René Furterer | Scalp scrub: a miraculous hair treatment?

If your hair is colored, it all depends on what exactly your hair scrub is used for. If you want to use it to effectively remove the dye residue left on the skin of your scalp after coloring (in order to avoid itchy scalp), then you can bet on a sea salt scrub like the famous Scrub purifying wash from Christophe Robin which was created in particular for this purpose, and which is a cult reference in the field because it was a precursor of this beauty gesture. If you intend instead to treat another hair problem between two colorings, it is better to avoid salt treatments which may cause your color to bleed a lot and therefore damage it. Prefer softer care.

Purifying cleansing scrub with sea salt from Christophe Robin

Purifying cleansing scrub with sea salt from Christophe Robin | Scalp scrub: a miraculous hair treatment?

When to do a scalp scrub?

This type of deep treatment should be used sparingly so as not to be irritating. On average, you can do a hair scrub once a week, and possibly reapply up to twice a week if you really feel the need. But if you just use it as a boost without having a particular problem, once a month is more than enough if you want our advice.
Above all, pay attention to the frequency of your scrubs on your scalp because if you overdo it, this miraculous treatment could prove to be more than counterproductive. Indeed, it should be used moderately - especially on oily and sensitive scalps - so as not to risk stripping the skin of your skull and over-stimulating the sebaceous glands. Otherwise, they could fight back by producing even more sebum to protect the scalp. If you don't space out enough uses, you risk entering a vicious cycle of stripping that temporarily addresses the problem before it gets worse.

Be careful also in the event of an irritated or damaged scalp, that is to say with small lesions, micro-cuts, or broken pimples: avoid any exfoliation to avoid aggravating the situation.

On colored hair, the timing also depends on your situation. You can do one right after your coloring if you want to remove any leftover dye from your scalp to prevent irritation. Otherwise, it's generally a good idea to avoid doing it right after your color so as not to bleed it and irritate your skin further.

In all cases, this purifying treatment must be performed before or instead of shampoo according to the directions for use provided with your product.

How to do a scalp scrub?

How to do a scalp scrub? | Scalp scrub: a miraculous hair treatment?

To benefit from all the benefits of this detox treatment, it must still be done as well as at the hairdresser. It is indeed essential to follow the right method and adopt an appropriate gesture (as with all exfoliating treatments elsewhere) to effectively exfoliate your scalp.

You will see the difference from the first use: the hair is purified, lighter, and has more volume!


Homemade scalp scrub: our recipe

If you prefer to concoct a homemade treatment, rest assured, there is nothing too complicated about that. Just before doing your treatment in the shower, mix the equivalent of two tablespoons of aloe vera gel with half the cane sugar for an all-natural scrub that hydrates, nourishes, and exfoliates the scalp at the same time. . Use it according to the gestures explained previously before proceeding to your shampoo.

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