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Hairstyle Trends: 7 New Styles For Hair In 2021


Anyone who is ready for a visual change or is simply looking for new hairstyles will find plenty of inspiration on the spring/summer runways of the current 2021 season. The good thing: The hair trends are wonderfully uncomplicated this time. Hairstyles such as nostalgic bobs or exciting messy wet hair can be easily restyled.

Hairstyle trends: 7 new styles for hair in 2021

Which hairstyles and hairstyles are trendy in 2021? Playful accessories definitely play a role.

Please note: These are the 7 most beautiful hairstyle trends for 2021

1. Modern gel look

The use of hair gel is not exclusively reserved for men. Because especially for this modern sleek look by Mario Dice, you need good styling products. This is how it works: Brush the hair well and then use a portion of gel to pull the hair back precisely behind the ears with a fine-toothed comb. After that, the hair should definitely fall loose again. The look is particularly beautiful with long to medium-length hair.

1. Modern gel look | Hairstyle trends: 7 new styles for hair in 2021

Mario Dice, Spring/Summer 21

2. Casual side parting

Last season, the strict side parting was the main focus. Now the hair can fall a little looser. To do this, simply part a side and brush the hair to the other side. If the hair doesn't fall loosely over the forehead by itself, simply pluck a few strands out.

2. Casual side parting | Hairstyle trends: 7 new styles for hair in 2021

Ports 1961, Spring/Summer 2021

3. Playful hair accessories

No matter whether you have short or long hair: playful accessories, like here at Giambattista Valli, are great eye-catchers. Headbands and bows are a popular detail, especially during the festive Christmas season. But also in everyday life, they upgrade an outfit in no time.

3. Playful hair accessories | Hairstyle trends: 7 new styles for hair in 2021

Giambattista Valli, Spring/Summer 2021


4. The 70ies bob

The nostalgic bob hairstyle from Hermès is ideal for all women with natural curls. The short haircut guarantees even more volume and bounce and is very easy to style. Simply distribute a small portion of curling mousse or hair cream in the palms of your hands, knead your towel-dried hair, tous it, and blow-dry it. Voilà, the cool 70ies bob is ready.

4. The 70ies bob | Hairstyle trends: 7 new styles for hair in 2021

Hermès, Spring/Summer 2021

5. The messy wet look

Hair like a fresh shower. Versace shares this beauty vision with labels like Sportmax, Chloé, and Giorgio Armani this season. What does it take? Lots of hair gel and a good portion of gloss varnish. The hair is supplied with an extra amount of hair gel and individual strands are fixed over the forehead.

5. The messy wet look | Hairstyle trends: 7 new styles for hair in 2021

Versace, Spring/Summer 2021

6. Side-parted baby bob

If you need a change from your middle parting in between, simply brush your hair to the side and clip it with a hair clip, as seen at Chanel. A little shine spray lets the hair shine and casual waves from ear height provide extra volume. Simply form a few loose waves with the curling iron or straightening iron.

6. Side-parted baby bob | Hairstyle trends: 7 new styles for hair in 2021

Chanel, Spring/Summer 2021

7. Short bob

Bob with bangs is a classic. And on this year's runways, it becomes clear how versatile the look is. Like this modern variant at Louis Vuitton. Here the short bob is combined with a cool micro-pony. It looks feminine, self-confident, modern.

7. Short bob | Hairstyle trends: 7 new styles for hair in 2021

Max Mara, Spring/Summer 2021

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