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This Tip For Blow-Drying In Just 5 Minutes Is A Hit On Tiktok


It's not always easy to achieve a nice brushing yourself, and it's even worse when you're short on time. This trick revealed on TikTok will allow you to obtain a very natural brushing in 5 minutes flat.

This Tip For Blow-Drying In Just 5 Minutes Is A Hit On TikTok

Do you have trouble handling the brush and the hairdryer? We understand. Coordinating the back and forth movements to achieve a brushing can be complicated. In any case, it takes time that we don't always have. On TikTok, a hairdresser revealed her trick for a pretty brushed hairstyle that can be done in record time.

Already viewed more than 6 million times, internet user and hairdresser @yazblends' flip brushing technique requires only one accessory and barely 5 minutes. Thanks to his new method, you will obtain - provided you have a minimum length of hair - a flexible, "wavy" (wavy in French) and very natural hairstyle for everyday life.

Step 1: Separate the wicks

After washing and brushing your hair (this hairstyle is ideal from damp hair), separate your hair into two separate parts. Wrap each part on itself, squeezing hard enough.

Step 2: Hot dry

Before you start, don't forget to spray your hair with a heat protectant! - this step should not be neglected, whatever the heating device you use, at the risk of burning and breaking your hair. With a hot hairdryer, blow each twisted strand from top to bottom for about 2 minutes.

Step 3: Soften the hair

Once the hair is dry, loosen the twists so that all of your hair is in your back. Once this step is done, run your fingers gently through your hair to soften the hairstyle and make it much more natural. If necessary, spray hairspray on the lengths to make the blow-dry last longer and admire the result!

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