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Avocado Oil: Healthy Fats For Skin, Hair And Health


Because of their rich ingredients, avocados belong to the ranks of superfoods. But you can't just enjoy the creamy, green fruit with a slice of toast - the avocado oil is also considered particularly healthy. It can be used not only in the kitchen but also for cosmetic purposes. From beautiful skin and shiny hair to a healthy body: We explain the benefits of avocado oil for beauty and health and present the best tips for using it.

Avocado oil: This is how valuable it is for skin, hair, and health

Avocado oil: This is how valuable it is for skin, hair, and health | Avocado Oil: Healthy Fats For Skin, Hair And Health
Avocado oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and has numerous health and beauty benefits...

How does avocado oil taste?

The natural oil of the avocado is characterized by a yellowish-green color and has a characteristic taste with buttery, nutty aromas. Like olive oil, the oil is, therefore, less suitable for baking; in combination with vegetables or vinegar, however, the mild avocado taste is excellent.

Our tip: Instead of olive oil, just use avocado oil as an ingredient in a salad!

How healthy is avocado oil?

Avocado oil scores with healthy ingredients that support a balanced diet and provide the body with plenty of nutrients internally and externally.

Avocado oil consists of 85 percent unsaturated fatty acids, which are considered particularly healthy. These fatty acids primarily include oleic acid, which is one of the omega-9 fatty acids, (alpha) linoleic acid, which belongs to the group of omega-6 fatty acids, and various omega-3 fatty acids. Together, the fatty acids contribute to maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, regulate blood pressure, have a positive effect on the cholesterol level in the blood, and keep our brain fit.

Cooking tip: Due to its favorable fatty acid composition, avocado oil can be heated up without any problems and can be used, for example, to fry fish, meat, or vegetables.

The cold-pressed oil of the avocado contains high amounts of vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin D. Together, the vitamins support a strong heart, healthy eyes, and a balanced hormonal balance. Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) is also characterized by an antioxidant effect and is, therefore, a cell protection vitamin. Because it counteracts free radicals that damage our cells and thereby cause serious diseases.

Avocado oil is not only characterized by its high vitamin content, it also contains phytosterols and carotenoids, which are secondary plant substances and also have strong, antioxidant properties.

Magnesium and potassium are found in the oil of the creamy fruit, which among other things promote strong nerves, muscles, bones, and normal heart function.

Minerals | Avocado Oil: Healthy Fats For Skin, Hair And Health
Avocado oil has numerous benefits for both health and beauty...

Avocado oil in facial care

Why avocado oil is also indispensable as a beauty product:

1. Moisturizes the skin

Due to its high-fat content, the oil provides the avocado fruit with intensive moisture. This prevents itchy, dry skin all over the body, makes a pale complexion glow, and supports the skin's natural protective barrier, which in turn protects it from harmful environmental influences. Even cracked skin can be alleviated by the beneficial effect of the oil.

Tip: In contrast to many other oils (such as coconut oil), the care does not clog the pores and, despite the high content of unsaturated fatty acids, does not leave a shiny film on the skin of the face. Therefore, the oil can also be used on oily skin.

1. Moisturizes the skin | Avocado Oil: Healthy Fats For Skin, Hair And Health
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2. Calming effect

Due to its mild properties, the oil is well tolerated by sensitive skin, soothes redness on the face due to its anti-inflammatory effect, and improves skin problems such as neurodermatitis.


3. Anti-aging effect

Avocado oil is a great antiaging agent for mature skin. The sterolins contained in it reduce pigment spots in a natural way, vitamin A stimulates cell renewal and vitamin E prevents premature skin aging caused by free radicals. With regular use of the anti-aging oil, small wrinkles can be visibly reduced and dry skin eliminated.

4. Clean skin

The oil is not only particularly beneficial for irritated skin but also supports blemished skin. Because it prevents inflamed pimples, accelerates their healing process, and has a balancing effect on sebum production.

This is how avocado oil works on the skin

You can use the fruit oil in its pure form and apply a small amount of it in the evening on the cleansed skin of the face or on dry parts of the body such as the elbows. Of course, you can also add a few drops of the oil to your personal cream or body lotion.

Alternatively, the nourishing oil is integrated as an ingredient in numerous beauty products. And of course, consuming the valuable oil also supports the skin from the inside out.

Shiny hair: Avocado oil as a hair care product

In addition to the skin, the oil also has a positive effect on the hair. This supplies dry, brittle hair with plenty of moisture, makes it supple, and gives it a natural shine finish. Frayed ends of the hair can also be cared for with the oil. Due to the antioxidant effect, the oil also offers protection against environmental damage and builds up damaged hair with the vitamins it contains.

Extra tip: The oil also has a soothing, calming effect for an itchy, dry and irritated scalp.

The use of avocado oil in the hair

As a hair care product, you can massage a few drops of the oil into the lengths after washing your hair.

For an intensive treatment, on the other hand, we use it as a hair treatment: The oil is distributed throughout the hair and massaged into the scalp. Then leave the treatment on your hair and scalp overnight. The next morning, rinse thoroughly with warm water and a mild shampoo. Or: buy a nourishing treatment with avocado oil.

How is avocado oil made?

The oil is obtained from the ripe pulp of the avocado. Various methods such as centrifugation are used to separate the oil from the pulp. Oils that are obtained from organically grown fruits and that were not heated (i.e. cold-pressed) during production are considered to be of particularly high quality. This guarantees good quality when buying and serves to preserve valuable ingredients.

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