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Is "Skinimalism" The New No-Makeup Look?

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No more too much care and make-up - thanks to this new beauty trend, we stand by our skin from now on, with all its supposed flaws.

Ironically, the new beauty trend "Skinimalism" will bring order to our sometimes overcrowded care routine in 2021. With constantly new product launches for even more skincare steps, the search for the right care for our skin is not always to your advantage - on the contrary. Skinimalism now supports us to maintain an overview and to find the best and most detoxified beauty routine for ourselves. Always in focus: the naturalness of our skin.

Skinimalism: Less care is more

The name "Skinimalism" already suggests it - the beauty trend predicted by Pinterest for 2021 is about "Skin", i.e. our skin, and "Minimalism". The aim is to reduce our beauty routine to a minimum in order to give our skin time to breathe again and to accept it as it is by nature.

We can do this by simplifying our makeup on one product, as well as using skincare products that have multiple benefits. With the various creams and serums that are now on the market, we quickly forget that a care product can also contain several active ingredients. You can save yourself a few steps in facial care and not only do something good for your skin but also avoid packaging waste and unsustainable production methods for the sake of the environment.

The difference between skinimalism and no-make-up

In no-make-up, we try to create a flawless complexion with little make-up so that the other person does not see that something has been applied. With skinimalism, courage for the imperfect is required. We no longer want to hide our skin or chase after a supposed ideal of beauty by concealing impurities. Real skin has pores, spots, and pimples, which - thanks to Skinimalism - we now also stand by.

The difference between skinimalism and no-make-up | Is "Skinimalism" the new no-makeup look?
The difference between skinimalism and no-make-up | Is "Skinimalism" the new no-makeup look?
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Never again make-up?

Skinimalism is not about throwing our favorite make-up out of our beauty routine - that would be the complete opposite of the Skinimalism idea, in which we focus on sustainability. Rather, the idea of beautiful skin, in its most natural form - and imperfectly - should be normalized. Make-up is applied much more consciously with this idea.

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