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3 Types Of Dark Circles And How To Fight Them?


Dark circles are dark circles? Not exactly. In order to successfully combat the shadows under the eyes, you first have to know which strain you are dealing with. You should definitely know these 3 types of dark circles.

3 Types Of Dark Circles And How To Fight Them?
Not all dark circles are created equal.

3 Types Of Dark Circles And How To Fight Them?
To get rid of them, it is necessary to distinguish between 3 types.

Whether we get dark circles or not is unfortunately in our genes. But lifestyle can also make a decisive contribution to how pronounced the shadows under the eyes are. In order to successfully combat dark circles, you first have to know their exact cause. Would you have thought that there are 3 different types of dark circles?

3 types of dark circles and how to fight them

1. Cause of dark circles: Translucent veins

Since the skin around the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive, the blue blood vessels particularly like to shine through here. Depending on the texture and skin tone, this can sometimes be more and sometimes less the case. You can't get rid of this problem entirely, but eye creams with caffeine can narrow the size of the blood vessels and make them less visible.

2. Cause of dark circles: The shape of the eyes

Yes, the shape of the eyes can also determine whether or not dark circles are visible. Sunken eye sockets or tear troughs in particular cast shadows that become visible as unwanted dark circles. If you are extremely bothered by your tear ducts, you can have an injection with hyaluronic acid. Unfortunately, the older you get, the more pronounced the phenomenon becomes.


3. Cause of dark circles: hyperpigmentation

Melanin is responsible for the color of our skin and hair. If there is overproduction, dark circles can become even more prominent. Especially when the skin around the eyes is darker than the rest of the complexion. The key to the solution? Lightening beauty products such as niacinamide, alpha-arbutin, or vitamin C. But be careful: exposure to the sun can also light up the dark circles and make them stand out. A high level of sun protection (even in winter!) Is therefore mandatory.

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