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Perfect Skin In 30 Days: This Treatment Promises A Flawless Complexion In Just 30 Days


Different factors can upset the balance of the skin. Weather, stress, and hormones are just a few of the causes that favor skin problems. Depending on the skin type, this can manifest itself in the form of dryness, impurities, and a pale complexion. It is then all the more important to counteract this with the right skincare and to reset the skin. The “Re: wow Skin Retreat” from the clean beauty brand Wowlabs does just that and strengthens and revitalizes the skin in just 30 days. In this way, the balance of the skin is restored.

Care innovation: This care works quickly & effectively

Care innovation: This care works quickly & effectively | Perfect skin in 30 days: This treatment promises a flawless complexion in just 30 days
There are phases when the skin struggles with several problems. Instead of relying on individual products, there is now a care product that works against all skin problems in just one product...

3-in-1 care: This treatment cares for stressed, impure, and dry skin in just one product

Depending on the skin's needs, we need different types of care. But what if the skin is so out of whack that it is dry, impure, and pale all at the same time? In other words, does the skin have several needs at once? The new "Re: wow Skin Retreat" is targeted care for several skin problems at the same time and helps dry, impure, and pale skin with its multiple effects.

The 30-day course of the “Re: wow Retreat” consists of ten days of detox, ten days of purifying, and ten days of radiate. The first phase regenerates, strengthens, and rebuilds the damaged skin. As the next step, the skin is clarified in the second phase, unevenness is reduced and the skin tone is evened out. In the last ten days, the skin is intensely moisturized, revitalized, and regained its glow. All three phases are perfectly coordinated in terms of their effect. They complement and build on each other.

Beautiful skin quickly: this is how the treatment from Wowlabs works

Phase 1 - Detox:

Repair, regenerate, and strengthen

The first phase of the treatment is used to repair damaged skin cells, regenerate the skin and strengthen the skin's protective barrier. The active ingredient combination of Protox, vitamin C, vitamin E, and green tea extract has an antioxidant effect and repairs cell damage caused by the environment - a detox treatment for the skin and its cells.


Phase 2 - Purify:

Clarify, reduce bumps, even out the skin tone

Lactic acid, niacinamide, and zinc act like gentle peeling. The sebum production is regulated, redness and pigment disorders are reduced and the complexion is refined. The platinum complex supports the body's own collagen production.

Phase 3 - Radiate:

Donate moisture, revitalize, give a glow

The platinum complex supports the body's own collagen production, while moss extracts have an antioxidant effect and counteract premature skin aging. Hyaluron provides intensive moisture and, together with vitamin E, ensures plump, radiant skin.

About the expert brand Wowlabs

Starting as a start-up, the German beauty brand Wowlabs has set itself the task of developing innovative care products in collaboration with dermatologists and scientists. The founders: Dr. Thao Steinmann, who has many years of experience in the pharmaceutical, consumer care, and cosmetics industries, and Martin Ferfers, an expert in innovative product development.

When developing their products, the two rely on the most effective active ingredients from nature and science, which have been clinically proven to address the various skin needs in a targeted and effective manner. “I notice in myself that I have incredibly high demands on my life and that I often forget myself in the process. I intuitively developed a product that takes care of me and my skin when I let it slide again, ”says Dr. Thao Steinmann. The result is three product lines that are considered a pioneering anti-aging concept in skincare and are 100 percent dedicated to the idea of clean beauty.

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