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Can Collagen Powder Stop Wrinkles?


True beauty comes from within - of course, this means first of all the inner values and a healthy attitude towards yourself. But you can also influence the outer beauty from within, with a varied diet, for example.

Collagen powder prevents wrinkles and makes the skin elastic

Collagen powder prevents wrinkles and makes the skin elastic | Can Collagen Powder Stop Wrinkles?
The use of collagen powder is said to prevent wrinkles and make the skin look plump (see Givenchy Fall / Winter 2018/19)

Dietary supplements are also becoming more and more popular: For smooth skin, for example, collagen powder is the trend. We take a closer look at the antiaging agent and the magnifying glass and explain what the use really brings.

What does the body need collagen for?

Collagen is a protein that can be found naturally in our body and is produced by connective tissue cells (fibroblasts), among other things. These are long protein chains, which in turn are composed of amino acids that are assembled in the middle layer of the skin to form thicker collagen fibers.

This network of collagen makes up around 80 percent of the connective tissue in the human body but is also an essential part of bones, cartilage, teeth, or tendons. Because collagen fibers bind water and swell, they can plump the skin from the inside out. In addition, the collagen forms a kind of framework that gives the connective tissue strength and elasticity.

The problem? With increasing age, the body's own collagen decreases drastically. And this is exactly where collagen capsules and the like come into play because they are supposed to have an anti-aging effect and prevent skin aging.

Which Collagen Powder Is Right For The Skin? What to consider:

Collagen is a popular additive in antiaging creams. However, because the molecule is too large to penetrate the top layer of skin, taking collagen capsules and powders is a sensible option to further strengthen the skin. We explain here what you should pay attention to when choosing internal anti-aging care:

What is collagen powder good for?

Whether powder or collagen capsules: taking the protein promises several advantages.


The Benefits For The Skin

Further benefits for our health

Collagen products not only help maintain normal skin but also have a positive effect on the entire body:

How do you take collagen?

Depending on the dosage form, the intake of collagen can vary. It is best to stick to the recommended daily intake to avoid side effects.

Tip: If you take collagen for joints or muscles, the dose may be higher.

Is there any vegan collagen?

Collagen is always of animal origin, unfortunately, there is no plant equivalent. Powders or capsules declared as vegan do not contain any real collagen. However, they can contain substances that contribute to normal collagen formation. These include amino acids such as glycine, hydroxyproline, lysine, L-arginine, or L-histidine.

Food rich in collagen

Those who eat healthily also take in some collagen from food. The collagen boosters include foods such as white meat or bone broth. Cashew nuts are suitable for vegetarians. These contain copper, which is involved in the production of enzymes that synthesize collagen.

Important: Powders and capsules with the anti-aging active ingredient complement a balanced diet, but can never replace it.

Food rich in collagen | Can Collagen Powder Stop Wrinkles?
Anti-Wrinkle Booster: Pure collagen products for the skin are of animal origin; However, there are vegan powders that stimulate the body's own production (Balmain, Spring/Summer 21)

The effects of collagen powder: That's what science says

The effect of collagen capsules, powders, and drinks is still controversial. Although there are studies that show that these result in firmer skin, the changes are often very small or the study is not representative enough. Further research is also needed to fully understand the effects of collagen in the body. It is also important to understand that collagen is not an anti-aging miracle cure but does seem to support the skin in a positive way.

And: In addition to taking the powder and the like, a healthy lifestyle, adequate sleep, and protection from UV radiation also play an important role in preventing skin aging.

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