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Blondes: These Hair Colors Are Super Popular Right Now


Your hair color could use a little freshening up after summer? We'll tell you here which blonde tones are currently trending and ensure the perfect upgrade.

Blondes: These Hair Colors Are Super Popular Right Now

During the summer, many blondes look forward to delicate, bright highlights and the popular "sunkissed" look, which the beautiful weather brings about by itself. But once the summer days are over, many suddenly notice that sun, salt, and chlorinated water on vacation have not only had a positive effect on the mane. The blonde, kissed by the sun, suddenly appears only faded and dull.

Fortunately, you don't need a complete type change for a fresh new look. From delicate highlights to gentle glossing for more shine: Here we show you which blonde tones are currently very popular and could give your hair color a great upgrade.

Natural look: Caramel blonde

You don't feel like constantly dyeing your roots anymore? Then dare to try a slightly darker shade of blonde that comes close to your natural hair color. How about a warm, radiant caramel blonde, for example?

The color gradient is somewhat reminiscent of a natural balayage look: The roots and the top hair are dark and are only made to glow by a few fine, lighter low lights. And best of all: this blonde shade puts an end to the bleaching that puts so much stress on our hair.

Natural look: Caramel blonde | Blondes: These Hair Colors Are Super Popular Right Now

Cool and modern: Ash-blonde hair

If you want a cool, matt look, a timeless ash blonde is in good hands. You decide whether the blonde is light and silvery or dull and darker. However, we strongly recommend that you describe your ideas to the hairdresser as precisely as possible. This will prevent unwanted color surprises, such as an undertone that is too gray.

In general, ashy hair colors tend to flatter cooler color types. If your skin tone is yellowish warm and your natural blonde has a golden cast, caramel blonde is the better choice for you.

Cool and modern: Ash-blonde hair | Blondes: These Hair Colors Are Super Popular Right Now

Warm and luminous: Golden blonde

Golden blonde makes your hair shine particularly well in autumn. And best of all: You don't need more than a few golden shimmering highlights in different nuances for the warm blonde tone. The highlighting technique gives the look a fresh and very natural look. Those who are a little braver can also mix warm colors with cold shades of blonde: This creates an exciting contrast that brings a little movement into the hair.

By the way: this shade of blonde is perfect for medium or dark blonde hair. With the caramel highlights, a particularly natural-looking balayage look can be achieved.

Warm and luminous: Golden blonde | Blondes: These Hair Colors Are Super Popular Right Now


Scandi style: White blonde

The Nordic, soft light blonde particularly flatters light skin types and always ensures a feminine, modern look. At the moment, the super-light shade of blonde is mainly worn as a uniform look without highlights, so that an almost powdery finish is created.

But be careful: not all hair structures are suitable for being bleached so lightly. So it's best to get advice from your hairdresser.

Scandi style: White blonde | Blondes: These Hair Colors Are Super Popular Right Now

A touch of red: Strawberry blonde

You like red hair in other people incredibly well, but don't you really dare to approach an intense shade of red? Then strawberry blonde could be an interesting hair color for you. Delicate strawberry nuances offer the perfect alternative to radical color changes.

The warm color highlights in soft red tones can be applied to the hair with a "glossing". The advantage: Glossing is a gentle alternative to coloring or tinting. Brittle hair is even repaired in addition, so that your new shade shines beautifully. And: the color should wash out again over time.

A touch of red: Strawberry blonde | Blondes: These Hair Colors Are Super Popular Right Now

One last important thing: The subject of hairstyling is always very individual. Only you can judge for yourself whether the tips we have described work for you. Our styling tips and hairstyle ideas should serve as inspiration - what you make of them is entirely up to you.

And always remember: How you want to wear your hair is entirely your decision. Don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't wear. After all, styling should above all be one thing: be fun!

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