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This Hair Color Makes Women And Men Look Most Attractive


Is blond, brunette, or red-haired the most attractive – opinions have been divided on this for decades. Thanks to a study, we now know the answer...

This Hair Color Makes Women and Men Look Most Attractive
What hair color is the most attractive?

At least since Marilyn Monroe's film "Blondes Prefer" the assumption has persisted that blondes - regardless of whether male or female - are the most attractive. But does that really correspond to reality? Researchers from the College of Natural and Health Sciences for the University of Tampa also asked themselves this question and were actually able to solve the long-standing mystery of the most attractive hair color:

The majority agrees

Good news for brunette ladies and gentlemen: In a survey of over 1900 participants, 67 percent of men and 71 percent of women said that they prefer brown hair. The reason for this is said to be that many positive characteristics such as intelligence, independence, and a confident appearance are attributed to hair color. Also interesting: Brown hair was preferred regardless of whether it was dyed or left natural.

Blondes in second place

So this rumor has also been revealed: blondes are not the first choice when it comes to the majority of respondents. Only 27 percent of the participating men and 23 percent of the participating women stated that blonde was the most attractive.

Redheads bring up the rear

Although Prince Harry or presenter Palina Rojinski are considered very attractive, their hair color is only perceived as particularly attractive by a minority. Only six percent of each of the male and female test participants had placed her first on the attractiveness scale. Incidentally, the researchers suspect that this primarily correlates with the rare, natural occurrence of hair color.

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