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Weight Loss Dessert: Protein Fluff Only Has 30 Calories

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Only 30 calories: the protein fluff is a dessert for weight loss...

The protein fluff shown above tastes delicious fills you up and accelerates muscle building. That means: Better than dieting to lose weight in time for your vacation is to eat dessert now. We explain how to prepare the dessert and what else it can do.

Weight Loss Dessert: Protein Fluff Only Has 30 Calories
A protein fluff only has 30 calories - making it the perfect dessert for weight loss.

Dessert to lose weight: Protein fluff

This dessert looks like a creamy dream made of sugar meringue, tastes as delicious as the inside of a chocolate kiss, but has little more than a feather-light 30 to 40 calories. A protein fluff, as the name suggests, consists mainly of freshly whipped egg white and a squirt of lemon juice - and is, therefore, the ideal figure food. On the one hand, because the high protein content makes you full longer, keeps the blood sugar level in balance, and protects against cravings. On the other hand, because the body is provided with the energy it needs, which workouts and endurance training require because protein is the essential building block of every body cell.

If you want to lose weight and replace at least one meal a day with a protein fluff - a dessert! -, feels powerful, motivated, and vital despite dieting - because you don't go hungry, but rather nibble. At least that's what it feels like. Those who consistently avoid desserts and snacks and instead use the protein fluff help the body to reduce fat reserves and build muscle tissue. The body shaping is more effective and leads to visible results faster.

Protein fluff: the models' dessert

In addition, a protein fluff can be varied as desired with fruits and superfoods, herbs, cinnamon or nuts, and seeds and can then be eaten several times a day as a healthy snack in between. Models like Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes, for example, prefer to mix their protein snacks with frozen berries and desiccated coconut.

Protein fluff: the models' dessert | Weight Loss Dessert: Protein Fluff Only Has 30 Calories
Protein fluff: the models' dessert | Weight Loss Dessert: Protein Fluff Only Has 30 Calories
Instagram: @joja

This is how the perfect protein fluff succeeds

The most important thing about the egg white fluff is the consistency of the egg whites. A combination of light and airy and creamy at the same time is ideal so that a protein fluff tastes as delicious as a dessert. This can be done very easily and even for inexperienced users with the following four tricks.


1. Pure protein

Use fresh organic quality eggs and separate the egg white from the yolk accurately and cleanly. If you want to eat a protein fluff every day, maybe even several times a day, you can just as easily use ready-made, separated egg white that has been manufactured in a controlled manner and is pasteurized. The advantage: It can be processed quickly and easily and stored as a reserve.

2. The equipment

Regardless of whether it is a food processor or a hand mixer: Always use the whisk attachment and a high, narrow bowl. In addition, the foam works better in a metal or glass bowl than in the plastic version. All equipment must be free of grease and dry before the ingredients are added.

3. The stirring technique

Whisk through the egg white with the device without interruption at maximum speed and with fast movements so that as much air as possible is lifted and the egg whites quickly become really fluffy.

4. Each ingredient in its time

Before you even start adding a few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of salt to the liquid egg white, this improves the foam result and ensures more stability. If you have been diligently mixing and stirring for about 30 seconds, the egg white should have become noticeably firmer. Now slowly sprinkle in the sweetener such as erythritol and keep stirring for about a minute until the egg whites have the desired consistency.

5. Diversity brings a variety

Extras such as fresh or frozen berries, chopped fruits such as peach and pineapple, or fresh herbs bring variety and great beauty extras because they contain antioxidants or have an enzymatic effect. Carefully fold into the white mixture with a spatula. Scatter coconut flakes, nuts, or cinnamon as a topping over the ice snow at the very end.

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