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3 Easy Hairstyles For Fall (Autumn)


Why complicated when it can be done easily? We'll tell you the three most beautiful and easiest hairstyles for autumn.

3 Easy Hairstyles For Fall (Autumn)
We wear these simple but beautiful hairstyles in the fall.

In summer, hair styling cannot go fast enough on hot days. Now in autumn, we have a little more leisure to do so, but why spend more time in the bathroom than necessary when we can conjure up beautiful hairstyles with just a few quick movements? We'll reveal three simple hairstyles that are not only totally hip but also go perfectly with autumn.

1. High ponytail

1. High ponytail | 3 Easy Hairstyles For Fall (Autumn)
1. High ponytail | 3 Easy Hairstyles For Fall (Autumn)
1. High ponytail | 3 Easy Hairstyles For Fall (Autumn)
Instagram: @sincerelyjules

On hot summer days, the simple hairstyle had the effect that we sweat less on the back of the head and neck. In autumn, our mane is now skillfully held back so that we can wear a cozy scarf or turtleneck sweater without the hair becoming tangled or sticking out electrically in all directions. Tip: To give the ponytail more volume, simply use a wider hair elastic.

2. Broad braids

2. Broad braids | 3 Easy Hairstyles For Fall (Autumn)
Instagram: @negin_mirsalehi

No matter what time of year, braided hairstyles always work and ensure a feminine look. In autumn this year, however, we will decide on a very specific variant: broad braids. You look particularly casual z. B. to lederhosen, rough boots, and a cool oversize coat. But they also ensure a skillful look with a maxi dress or thick cuddly sweater.

3. Deep knot with a scrunchie

3. Deep knot with a scrunchie | 3 Easy Hairstyles For Fall (Autumn)

Scrunchies are celebrating their comeback this year and shouldn't be missing in autumn either. In no time you can conjure up a beautiful hairstyle with the wide fabric hair tie by tying the hair in a deep bun at the nape of the neck. In order to keep the hairstyle in place, a couple of hair clips can also be used to hold it in place.

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