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Hairstyle Trick: Perfect Bun Without A Bun Pillow: This Is How You Succeed Immediately


Romantic, cheeky, or strict - we can style a bun flexibly. But how do we do this without a cumbersome bun pillow or styling from the hairdresser? No problem, because now you can conjure up a wide variety of styles in no time with the Bunstar by invisibobble.

The bun is simply an all-rounder! Regardless of whether it is strictly styled, casually twisted into a messy bun, or romantic as a half bun - one of the countless variants fits every occasion. Unfortunately, we laypeople do not always succeed in creating a beautiful hairstyle: Either the updo is too loose and the hair falls out or the hair accessories damage our beloved mane. And those aren't the only reasons it's so difficult to style a chic bun.

Hairstyle Trick: Perfect Bun Without A Bun Pillow: This Is How You Succeed Immediately

Fortunately, there is invisibobble with countless variants of hairstyle helpers - including the innovative invisibobble Bunstar, with which the perfect bun succeeds! We'll show you how it works and give you styling tips on which bun variants you can create with it!

By telephone cable to the start-up: invisibobble founder Sophie Trelles-Tvede

It's no wonder that invisibobble products are so trendy - the former start-up's success story alone is impressive: Sophie Trelles-Tvede, then 18, used telephone cables to tie her hair together so as not to damage the structure. The young entrepreneur with Spanish-Danish roots studied in England and founded her company in Munich in 2012.

Everyone is now familiar with the award-winning little spiral miracles that are available in stores in over 70 countries. But she was not satisfied with that: She continues to forge plans for innovative hair ties and co. Luckily, otherwise, the Bunstar would not exist, with which it is possible to put your hair up without a bun.

By telephone cable to the start-up: invisibobble founder Sophie Trelles-Tvede | Hairstyle Trick: Perfect Bun Without A Bun Pillow: This Is How You Succeed Immediately
Instagram: @invisibobble

Innovative and revolutionary: what makes the invisibobble Bunstar so special?

Strong hold without pulling or tugging - that's what the Bunstar from invisibobble promises. And it actually shows: With the bun magic made in Germany, updos can be turned quickly and easily, just like at a hairdresser's, and with high wearing comfort, without slipping out or ugly marks. The Bunstar is also gentle on the hair structure, as no damaging metal or sharp edges are involved. The special features of the Bunstar can be easily summarized:

In the following video you can see again what makes the Bunstar so special:

"Finally I can also wear a messy bun": that's what Amazon customers say about the invisibobble Bunstar

The invisibobble Bunstar is not only available in supermarkets, drugstores, or perfumeries, but of course also on numerous online platforms - and they do not skimp on positive reviews. A customer writes on "": "I bought the Bunstar from invisibobble on recommendation and I am mega-happy. I always had a headache when I wore a bun for a long time and I feel much better with the Bunstar. The application takes a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, it's really easy. Always happy! "

"A cool little tool!", Says another reviewer and also emphasizes the high level of comfort and ease of use of the Bunstar: "I have long hair, so I like it when I've tied it up. Rubber bands damage the hair, so something should." I already have thinner hair, but the Bunstar holds up well and the application is really easy thanks to the instructions. It is promised here that there is no pulling or tugging and also that there are no marks: I can really do all of this confirm - a great thing! "

The following customer is convinced that the Bunstar is an absolute must for laypeople and also works with thick hair: "When it comes to hairstyles such as braiding or updos, I am an absolute rivet everything I have to offer in terms of variety. So I'm all the happier about the invisibobble Bunstar. Finally, I can also wear a messy bun. I have thick, curly hair and it more or less worked on the first try and thanks to the matt surface it holds up also throughout the day. I had two pieces in the pack, so I think the price is good for the IUD. "

This reviewer has several Bunstars ready on "": "I have half-length hair and the part works great for me. I bought another one right away so that I can lay one down at work and one for 'emergencies' at work Purse. "


One Bunstar - so many options: this is how you style different types of buns

Not all buns are the same! Do you think you can't get the beautiful different updos? No problem - we have a few instructions for you with which you can conjure up a nice bun in no time!

In no time at all: The classic bun with the Bunstar is so easy

  1. Twist your hair and fold it into a bun.
  2. Lay the Bunstar flat with the opening facing up and then turn it towards the bun until the hair is firmly in place.

You can see a detailed tutorial on how the Bunstar conjures up the perfect bun in the following video:

Romantic, messy, or double: this is how you create half buns and co.

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