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Kim Kardashian Platinum Blonde Hair: She Changes Her Head


Kim Kardashian changes her head and returns to trendy hair coloring: no more brown hair, she reveals on Instagram her long platinum blonde hair or even polar blonde. A daring but stunning color this spring/summer 2021.

Are the stars women like any other who need a change of mind after a big change in their personal or professional life? After Rihanna, very in love with Asap Rocky who cuts her hair to adopt a boyish cut, it is Kim Kardashian's turn to make her hair revolution, following her separation from Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian Platinum Blonde Hair: She Changes Her Head

The diva returns to platinum blonde hair, even polar blonde as she shows on her Instagram account. Kim Kardashian had already fallen for these two trendy hair dyes in 2015 and seems to have taken a liking to them. Intense colorings perfect for the summer season.

In addition to unveiling ultra-long hair and an almost polar blonde, Kim Kardashian also shows off her body in a low-cut bikini, to say the least, that reveals her curves. She strikes a pose, very naturally, on a cardio machine in her gym. A new star attitude for the diva, always ready for all extremes.

Kim Kardashian Platinum Blonde Hair: She Changes Her Head
Instagram: @kimkardashian

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