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No Retro! "Crepe Look" Turns Your Hair Into A Classy Eye-Catcher


Would you like to give your hairstyles that certain something? Then the crepe look is just right for you. We'll tell you how it works.

No Retro! "Crepe Look" Turns Your Hair Into A Classy Eye-Catcher
Hair with a crepe look is now back in fashion.

No Retro! "Crepe Look" Turns Your Hair Into A Classy Eye-Catcher
We'll show you how to style the look.

Remember the crepe trend from the '90s? And do you perhaps still have a crepe iron from back then at home? Perfect, because this look is currently back in fashion! The "crimps" give our hairstyle that certain something and make it an eye-catcher, especially during the holidays. We tell you how you can style the old-school trend in a modern way.

Hairstyle trend 2021: crepe is back

Instead of wearing the crimped hair with a thick scrunchie to a high ponytail, we now choose a classic, elegant version of the look: the hair is crimped just below the base and then worn in a straight center parting. If you want even more glamour, pull your top hair together with a pretty glitter clip at the back of your head.

Crepe Look: How does it work?

This is how you succeed in the hairstyle trend step by step:

  1. Wash and dry hair as usual.
  2. Spray a good heat protectant on the lengths.
  3. Separate strand by strand and start crimping between the temple and ear level.
  4. Place the hair between the crimper, press the crimping iron briefly and release it again.
  5. Crimp all the way down to the tips, set with hairspray and you're done!

Tip: With thick hair, it is often sufficient to crimp only the strands of the top hair. If you like, you can clip your hair to the side with a sparkling clip.

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