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Everyone Wants The Popular "Octopus Cut"


When it comes to the casual "Octopus Cut" by street style icon María Bernad, everyone agrees: this hairstyle trend can hardly be surpassed when it comes to coolness. And the best? The haircut is suitable for medium-length and even long hair.

Everyone Wants The Popular "Octopus Cut"
Here we reveal what makes the trend hairstyle by stylist and street style icon María Bernad special and how it is styled.

Everyone Wants The Popular "Octopus Cut"
Singer Miley Cyrus is also currently wearing the trendy "Octopus Cut".

Hairstyle trends 2022: Everyone wants the popular "Octopus Cut"

Whether shag, wolf cut, or mixie. Eccentric haircuts are more popular and wearable than ever. And there is no end in sight for the hairstyle trend in 2022 either. Which haircut did it do to us this time? The octopus cut by street style icon María Bernad, not only gives medium-length but the especially long hair that certain extra.

What does the "Octopus Cut" look like?

The name already suggests it. The eight-armed sea dweller served as a source of inspiration for the "Octopus Cut". Like the wolf cut, the "octopus cut" is a fusion of two haircuts - the shag and the mullet. The haircut is characterized by extremely worked-out levels, which gives the top of the head more volume. The lengths and tips of the hair, on the other hand, are worked out more finely in this trendy hairstyle and are intended to be reminiscent of the tentacles of the octopus.

What does the `Octopus Cut` look like? | Everyone Wants The Popular "Octopus Cut"
Instagram: @maria_bernad

Who does the "Octopus Cut" suit?

The octopus cut is not just for women with medium-length hair. Especially with long hair, the hairstyle trend is particularly effective due to the existing lengths. Be sure to have the hairstyle trend cut by a professional! The "Octopus Cut" lives from the carved steps. And they require special skills and dexterity.

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