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Facial Steamer: Why The “Steam Bath For The Face” Should Now Be Part Of Your Beauty Routine?


How can you upgrade your beauty routine at home like you would with professional treatments? With a facial steamer! We explain the many advantages of the facial steam bath, which skin types it is suitable for, and how you can best prepare and follow up your skin.

Facial Steamer: This is how the steam bath works for a professional beauty treatment

Sweating is good for the skin, as is well known. The generated heat opens the pores, the skin is moisturized and also freed from dirt, deposits, and impurities. A real skin detox, so to speak. Anyone who enjoys going to the sauna will be familiar with the feeling of soft, well-perfused, revitalized skin. If you don't like taking a sauna, you can still experience this great feeling on the skin - and even practice from home. Facial steamers work according to a similar principle and are now part of the beauty routine of all those who want to give their home treatments an experience like after a visit to the facialist.

Facial Steamer: Why the “steam bath for the face” should now be part of your beauty routine?

"Our Facial Steamer was very popular during the lockdown period. The pandemic and the associated changes in our eating habits, as well as the effects of environmental pollution in recent years, have drastically changed our skin," explains the British star facialist and founder of Skinesis, Sarah Chapman. Prominent customers such as Victoria Beckham, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, or Meghan Markle, who even trusted Sarah Chapman's know-how on the evening before her royal wedding, regularly put themselves in her hands. "People want treatments at home like a professional, they want to give their skin extra attention and love again," she continues.

The fine stream generated by the steamers has a wide range of benefits - from anti-aging to cleaner skin. In contrast to normal steam, with the help of nano-ion technology, the tiny steam particles can penetrate even deeper into the skin and warm up pores there, open them and remove dirt and deposits. Dead skin cells are gently removed, resulting in a more even and smoother complexion.

Facial steamer: You should pay attention to this before a treatment

Before using the Facial Steamer, it is important to fill the container with only filtered or distilled water. This prevents the minerals in the water from clogging, calcifying, or damaging the device. The first step in a successful facial steaming treatment is to cleanse the face. Sarah Chapman recommends: "Cleaning should always take place before or during steaming because this is the only way for the steam to really penetrate deep into the pores and not be blocked by make-up or superficial deposits." The expert advises using oil-based cleansers that break up and remove the oil that is already on the skin without removing moisture from it. The "Ultimate Cleanse" balm from Skinesis, for example, leaves the skin feeling smooth and well cared for, without any tension or drying out.

Many steamers have pre-programmed steaming modes, which means that the steam is controlled and only emitted for a certain time and then switches itself off. This prevents the skin from being stressed too much by the heat. With the "Pro Hydro-Mist Steamer" from Skinesis, this is about five minutes, alternatively two times five minutes. The device also shows how far the face should be from the steam in order to achieve a successful treatment. Usually, this is about 20 centimeters. Skin expert Sarah Chapman also advises using the facial steamer two to three times a week.

The advantages of facial steaming at a glance

The glow

As already mentioned, the beauty tech tool can do a lot to optimize the complexion. The pleasant warmth increases the micro and blood circulation, which supplies the skin cells with oxygen and nutrients. This in turn favors the formation of collagen and elastin production. The result: rosy, supple skin.

Detox effect

When we sweat, toxins are flushed out of the body. The perspiration through a facial steamer stimulates the skin cells to flush out these toxins. The skin becomes healthier and stronger.

Cleaner skin

"Steaming is suitable for most skin types and problems, including acne. By the way, that was the original area of ​​application of the facial steamer in beauty salons," explains Sarah Chapman. The dirt sitting in the pores is softened and can thus reach the surface more easily to be removed. "Regular applications prevent the development of impurities so that over time you get a more even complexion."


"Steaming immediately supplies the skin with moisture, which plumps it up and also erases small wrinkles," says Sarah Chapman. So what works when steaming our clothes has a similar effect on our skin. It is plumper, smoother, and immediately looks younger. The Facial Steamer is also a small anti-aging miracle gadget.

Optimal absorption of active ingredients

Both during the steam bath and afterward, the skin is very absorbent and is therefore at an ideal stage to absorb active ingredients. "In order to transform the steaming session into a kind of clinical treatment, you can specifically layer serums or masks," reveals Sarah Chapman. For dull or blemished skin, she recommends the "Overnight Exfoliating Booster" from Skinesis with cleansing acids that penetrate even deeper into the pores. For skin prone to dryness, a hyaluronic acid serum is recommended to lock in the moisture from steaming. So if you want to increase the effectiveness of your products in and on the skin, pair them with a steaming treatment.

After application: These steps are important

After the treatment, it is particularly important for skin that is prone to blemishes to wash the face thoroughly again to prevent bacteria from spreading in the open pores. It should be noted that lukewarm and not cold water is used, as the latter leads to the pores contracting again. After that, however, nothing stands in the way of the next care steps with serums, elixirs, and Co.!

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