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Nicola Peltz' Beauty Look: Her Bridal Hairstyle Was Inspired By This 90'S German Supermodel


Nicola Peltz marries Brooklyn Beckham: everything you need to know about her beauty look and which German supermodel inspired her bridal hairstyle.

Nicola Peltz' Beauty Look: Her Bridal Hairstyle was Inspired by This 90's German Supermodel

Nicola Peltz's stunning hairstyle at her wedding to Brooklyn Beckham was inspired by Claudia Schiffer

Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham got married... And have you seen the bride's stunning hair? The semi-updo pays homage to '90s supermodel Claudia Schiffer and was created by Adir Abergel, a longtime friend of Nicola's - the two met on the 2014 Transformers tour. "She's like my little sister, she annoys me all the time, but she's also just the best," Abergel told Vogue Florida. "She sent me all these great pictures of Claudia Schiffer from before including pictures of her with bangs and they inspired us as well as the wedding dress which is just beautiful."

The playful updo was the perfect look to accentuate the large and "incredibly long" veil Peltz wore on her wedding day and brought a casual, cool-girl style to the carefully planned bridal look. Abergel was not only based on Schiffer from the 90s but also on Brigitte Bardot's voluminous half ponytails as a model. "It was all about making her hair look nice, soft, and smooth," he says. "Imagine a rich, glossy texture, but with body and movement." He also dyed her hair even lighter and brighter ahead of the big day.

Nicola Peltz' Beauty Look: Her Bridal Hairstyle was Inspired by This 90's German Supermodel
The role models for the bride's beauty look were Claudia Schiffer and Brigitte Bardot.

One problem with the beautiful, sophisticated finish, however, is the humidity and wind in Florida, home to the Peltz family's sprawling beachfront estate that served as the wedding venue. "Nicola has pretty wavy hair — it's got a lot of texture. To protect it from the moisture, I put Virtue Restorative Mask on her all week," he says. "My advice to all brides is to make sure their hair is well moisturized before the big day."

The hair was then prepped with smoothing formulas like Virtue's Healing Oil and Un-Frizz Cream to lock in moisture and give it a "really good blowout." "The secret to the perfect bridal hairstyle is to use another heat source after blow-drying," says Abergel. "I used a large curling iron to give the hair a great finish. I ran it through the hair creating little waves to make it look a little looser." Meanwhile, Abergel's assistants were tasked with styling Nicola's bridesmaids' hair. The inspiration? "A minimalist Kate Moss from the '90s."

New Mrs. Beckham's bridal hairstyle was a resounding success from the start - Abergel has plenty of experience in this area. "I'm used to those big moments at my girls' weddings — like Justin and Jessica's wedding and Anne Hathaway's," he says. The key to the right bridal hairstyle look? "Don't stray too far from who you are as a person. It's about showing off the hair and celebrating the bride's nature."

Chanel makeup artist Kate Lee was inspired by Nicola's natural beauty and sought to enhance her makeup for the special day. "We went for a very fresh, natural look - minimal, but with some interesting details showing off beneath the veil," she told Vogue. "The idea was to accentuate her natural features while adding some modern, not-so-traditional touches." One of her go-to products for this look was Chanel's Baume Essentiel Multi-Use Glow Stick in Pearlescent, which adds a fresh glow.

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