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"Chocolate Cherry" Is The Trendiest Hair Color For Spring


Are you ready for a makeover just in time for next season? "Chocolate Cherry" is now the hottest trend hair color.

"Chocolate Cherry" is The Trendiest Hair Color For Spring
At the beginning of January, Zendaya showed up with the trendy hair color "Chocolate Cherry" at the photo call for the second season of the popular series "Euphoria".

"Chocolate Cherry" is The Trendiest Hair Color For Spring
Also in 2019, the actress rocked the hair color at the 71st Emmy Awards.

New season, new look! At least that's how we like to prepare for the new seasons. To escape the winter blues and finally start the fresh spring, not only our wardrobe gets a stylish update! Our hair can also look forward to a makeover. In addition to a new haircut such as the trendy choppy bob or shag cut, there may also be a color change in the coming season. If you are also looking for a new color for your mane, then we have the perfect inspiration for you here. "Chocolate Cherry" is currently the trend hair color par excellence.

"Chocolate Cherry" is the trendy hair color for spring

Do you want to get your hair dyed? How about the trendy hair color "Chocolate Cherry"? The trendy hair color is, as the name suggests, a chocolate brown with a dark, cherry red undertone. For anyone who is toying with the idea of dying their hair red at some point, but doesn't quite have the courage to do so, this is the ideal way to slowly approach the color.

Who does "Chocolate Cherry" suit?

Since the hair color embodies red and brown, it suits many people. The red undertone can add more glow to a pale skin tone in particular. The same also applies to people with a warm undertone. Brown is also a popular shade and can flatter many skin tones. However, if you are unsure, you can get advice from a hairdresser beforehand to be on the safe side.

Who does `Chocolate Cherry` suit? | "Chocolate Cherry" is The Trendiest Hair Color For Spring
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