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Steel Blond, The Hair Color That Electrifies Our Winter


It's trendy! Notice to all blondes who want a hair change for this winter without saying goodbye to their light blond. We have unearthed the ideal trend for you: steel blonde!

Steel Blond, The Hair Color That Electrifies Our Winter

When winter arrives, we regularly want to swap our golden blonde for a slightly more ashy and cool color, much more anchored in the season. Often, blondes decide to go for brown, but it's not the best thing to do (especially if you know that next summer you will fall for a light blonde again). As Jack Hirst, hair colorist at Salon 64 in the UK, tells Glamor UK magazine: "Dyeing my clients brown would be a huge step backward for them to then want to create a pretty light blonde again - especially after the time and investment needed to lighten their hair in the first place”.

If you want to change your look while keeping your original color, the steel blonde hair trend will be perfect! And above all, your hairdresser won't pull their hair out to please you (no pun intended).

Steel Blond, The Hair Color That Electrifies Our Winter
Instagram: @salon64london

Steel blond, the new hair color trend of the season

Indeed, this shade of blonde will allow you to opt for a hair change while allowing an easy return to your light blonde. This gray is easily achievable on blondes without the need for bleaching or other product that damages and dry your hair. Enough to easily return to a lighter shade when the spring/summer season arrives.

According to Jack Hirst, this steel blonde is ideal for the season: "The color is perfect for clothes and fall colors, as it pairs well with darker lipsticks or smoky eyes. This color gives hair. damaged by the sun a new breath and depth". Something to give us the desire for changes, to associate without delay, therefore, with burgundy red, brown, white, green...

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