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Oval Face: What Cut To Show Me Off?


Like Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, or Beyoncé, do you have an oval face? Our hairstyle advice to highlight it.

This is one of the most common body types for women: the oval shape is considered the easiest face to enhance and style. There are actually many defined face shapes (eight, to be precise). Round, oval, rectangular, square, in the shape of a triangle (or pyramid), in the shape of a heart, diamond-like or elongated ... the face has its own identity and makes each woman and each beauty unique. And you, do you know the shape of your face? Knowing your morphology is a serious asset because it allows you to choose the hairstyle that will perfectly enhance the face. It is also depending on its morphology that you can go and glean professional advice to sublimate certain features such as adopting fuzzy locks to soften a square jaw or make bangs to dress an elongated face.

Oval face: What cut to show me off?

The ideal morphology?

And the oval face in all of this? Neither too round, not too square, nor too long, professionals agree that this is the "ideal" shape, the reference morphology, the one for which all hairstyles and all haircuts are suitable. It is also a fairly common form. Among the most famous oval faces, we find in particular the sublime Megan Fox but also Blake Lively, Rihanna, Marion Cotillard, Jessica Alba, Monica Bellucci, Emma Watson, or Beyoncé. If Blake Lively is known for her beautiful long hair just like Megan Fox; Beyoncé prefers to have fun with different lengths and volumes. And she is quite right since everything suits her perfectly. What do they have in common? Each more beautiful than the next, they change their hairstyles on each red carpet.

How do I know if I have an oval face?

In some people, the shape is quite obvious, just look at the forehead, chin, and cheekbones... it's all about the proportions. The oval face is generally distinguished by a balanced length and width: prominent cheekbones, a discreet and rounded jaw, a medium-sized forehead, neither large nor small, and a rather thin chin. If you are in doubt, there are clever calculations that can be used to accurately determine the shape of a face, in particular by the distance between the forehead and the chin, between the nose and the chin, or between the two cheekbones.

The benefits of an oval face

If this shape also has good press with scissor pros, it's because the balance of shapes is almost perfect. That's why, even when you're short on hairstyle ideas, it's pretty easy to find a hairstyle that will enhance your beauty. The idea is not to even try to hide anything. However, if you have a triangle or square-shaped face, that's great too! After all, the shape of the face does not define the features, and you are beautiful/handsome as a heart, it doesn't matter if you have an elongated face, a tall forehead, or a square jaw.


What haircut for an oval face?

Are all hairstyles allowed on an oval face? Overall yes, apprentice hairdressers would even tend to train on oval styling heads. This type of shape being rather soft and feminine, we can even afford assertive looks like a short pixie cut. The classic square with a straight and structured cut will magnify an oval face, just like the mid-length, the bangs, the parting in the center or on the side, and even very long hair. Be careful though, if all lengths are possible, a poorly adapted or poorly cut short haircut should not lengthen your face too much or harden your features. Prefer long hair cut in layers starting at the cheekbones and avoid shapeless strands which may make the face longer than it really is. Rely on your desires, your tastes, and your facial features. It should not be forgotten that while the shape of the face is of decisive importance in the choice of the cut, it is not the only criterion. Hair length and texture also matters a lot and should be taken into account.

Cuts to avoid

The good news is that in theory there aren't any cuts you should absolutely avoid. As mentioned above, that’s the advantage of having an oval face. However, there is also the practice. Material level, the thickness of the hair can have a determining role. Fine hair, for example, does not like long locks. So hard to imagine with Blake Lively's long hair. Not terrible either, the too straight line of a strict square. Instead, opt for a pretty blurry bob or a very flattering wavy mid-length. In the case of a slightly thick neck, it is better to keep the length to keep the softness. Also, avoid hiding part of the face with too many bangs.

All textures are in nature

Ah, curls and their volume... Goodbye flat hair! Between smooth or supple lengths and beautiful curls drawn, people who are lucky to have this type of face can play with the textures according to their desires. If you opt for curly or frizzy hair, here too avoid too straight cuts with a volume concentrated on the top of the head. The risk? Give a triangular effect to the whole.

To adopt bangs or not?

Worthy of a fashion accessory, the fringe returns to the center stage every season. It enhances the eyes, dresses, and structures the face gently, brings a fashionable touch to the look, and even camouflages certain small skin imperfections (wrinkles, fine lines, pimples, etc.). Normal that you are tempted! Again, oval faces can afford a lot, including bangs. To choose it, know that a light, slightly tapered version will highlight features much better than a thick lock which will tend to eat up half of the face. For those who are reluctant to take the plunge, why not opt ​​for a light wick worn on the side or a supple curtain fringe, a little sixties à la Brigitte Bardot? A smooth transition guaranteed without missteps.

The ideal make-up tip

When you have a round face, professional makeup artists recommend applying the blush diagonally to lengthen the ensemble. Here, the opposite effect is being sought! Apply the soft and discreet colored blush horizontally, working from the nose to the ear to accentuate the attention on the center of the face.

Hairstyle ideas for every day

Side hairstyles, the possibilities are also numerous. If you have long hair like Jessica Alba or Eva Longoria who take advantage of the red carpets to try new styles, ties are your friends. Conditions? Have enough hair for it to look good. A high ponytail, low ponytail, fuzzy and romantic braid, crown of braids, messy bun, or ballerina bun are all hairstyles that highlight oval faces. If your skin is toned, don't hesitate to clear your face by pulling your hair back. In case of small imperfections, leave a few strands free which will bring softness.

Color side

Light or dark, that's freedom! The Hair Contouring technique allows you to sculpt the face and structure it. Logically on an oval shape, the choice of colors is therefore quite free. Choose a color that boosts shine for sublimated hair.


And with glasses?

As with hairstyles, oval faces can afford almost any setting. The choice of glasses will be above all a question of taste and personality! But here too, it is necessary to be able to combine frame and hairstyle. Too long and too thick bangs should therefore be avoided. With a bun, we can imagine butterfly frames that put the gaze forward and give a retro side to your look. Square or rectangular glasses bring dynamism and charisma and combine perfectly with a pulled ponytail. With round frames, the rejuvenating effect is guaranteed.

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