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Nail Trends By And For Experts: We Will Love These 21 Unexpected Looks In 2023


We asked the top nail experts in the industry about their forecasts for the year 2022, everything from metallic and chrome to labeled nail stickers is included.

Nail Trends By And For Experts: We Will Love These 21 Unexpected Looks In 2023

Nail trends with which we will adorn our fingertips in 2022: from classic to op-art to gender-neutral.

New year, new nails. But what exactly will our manicures look like in 2022? From metallic to chrome to stickers with lettering - the leading nail experts in the industry provide their trend forecasts.

Yukie Natori

Multicolored metallic colors

"Metallic styles are evolving. Up until last year, it was common practice to completely color the nails, but my nail artists are increasingly creating metallic designs in a variety of styles. Gold, silver, and various shiny chrome powders are incorporated into traditional designs to create them. "to give a playful touch."

Ring-look nails

"Silver and gold jewelry now adorns not only our fingers but also our nails. With the invention of thin, three-dimensional lines and nail products that look like rings, we can create any form of jewelry. The style goes very well with fascinating nails."


French manicure with black tip

"The base color of the nail design we created for the LaQuan Smith show at New York Fashion Week was a nude shade that gently blended into the skin. However, the tip of the nail was a deep black French style with sharp lines. A style that combines softness with unique strength - this is how the French Nails developed."

French manicure with black tip | Nail Trends By And For Experts: We Will Love These 21 Unexpected Looks In 2023
Instagram: @jennynails

Jenny Longworth

Customization and personalization

"Customization and personalization are high on my nail trends list for 2022. Led by Harry Styles, who recently launched his 'Pleasing' beauty collection (including a capsule collection of four nail colors), this trend is about that to express the inner mood of beauty with your fingertips. If you fancy black nails one day? Then you can easily change that the next day by adding the beautiful iridescent shade of 'Pearly Tops' to create a second dreamy look. Choose to do different shades for different fingers. Layers, experiment, play."

Nail stickers with letters

“Soon there will also be nail stickers with lettering that can be used to express your opinion or mood through language on your fingernails. As seen in the Gucci-Aria campaign, logomania and personalization are going to be a big trend for the next year. Keep up just include it with your initials or carry the name of your favorite brand."

Mo Qin

Experimental French manicure

"The French manicure is always on-trend. It doesn't necessarily have to be pink and white, it can be a clear base with colored tips. Your favorite color combinations, a matte color base with shiny tips or different colored tips on each nail."

Rebecca Jade Wilson


High-quality metallic colors

"There's going to be a big shift towards metallic. We saw chrome and decadent glitter by the end of this year, but I believe brands will start making high-quality metallic and gel-based paints."

Healthy nails

"I think another ongoing trend will be nail and hand care. Brands like Diptyque, Neom, and Byredo make luxurious hand scrubs with incredible scents that consumers can't resist!"

Healthy nails | Nail Trends By And For Experts: We Will Love These 21 Unexpected Looks In 2023
Instagram: @rebeccajadewilson_nails

Kait Mosh

Classic French manicure

"People tend towards simplicity and the classics when it comes to nail art. Newly interpreted French manicures will be seen everywhere, whether as outline French, ombré French, or traditional French. The classic pink and white is simple and goes well with any color palette, so I know that this trend will also be indispensable in 2022."

Matte nails

"Matte colors add a different texture without visually complicating the manicure. The trends are getting simpler, and a matte topcoat makes any color more interesting. Try an opaque nude like" Topless & Barefoot "by Essie. It looks like brushed concrete. So precious."

Michelle Humphrey

Slightly reflective glitter

"How can I describe it? Think of a cat's eye on the street when it hits a flashlight. Light-reflective glitter does exactly the same thing. In natural light, the nails have a nice shine, but when it hits a flash, they glow! Light-reflective." Nails look great as a design or as part of a French manicure or ombré. It also looks great on a pedicure."

Sparkling decorations

"Now that the party season is breaking (hopefully there will be parties this year), a little bit of glitter is an easy way to spice up any manicure. It's a trend that can be as maximal or minimalistic as you want. Generous adorable, as are individual crystals that are placed in the same place on each nail. Some of my clients regularly choose this manicure, it's actually quite popular. Attach the crystals with a small dot of nail glue and use a topcoat, to secure them. My preferred top coat is Essie's "Gel Couture" for the ultimate shine. My favorite glitter is always Preciosa crystals."


"As the nail technique is constantly evolving, the latest trend is the 3-D manicure. Your nail professional creates a 3-D design on the nail with the help of build-up gel. This can be used to emphasize an underlying design - for example vertebrae and contours. It looks super cool and is very popular in Korea and Japan right now."

Flowery gel manicure

"Blooming gel is a niche product, but an amazing product. Essentially it helps to spread the gel polish on the nail and create a barrier so the design doesn't melt or bleed. You can use it to create really interesting and cool designs - like Dua Lipa's snake skin manicure. If you're not wearing a gel manicure, you can achieve a similar effect by dabbing paint into a wet, clear surface. But work fast because it works best when the polish is super damp."

The dark side

"With the colder months ahead and the days getting shorter, nothing beats a chic dark manicure. As recently seen with Adele (in her 'Easy On Me' video), this chic manicure is timeless and suits everyone's Nail length and shape - even the shortest nails look good in the dark. Think red wine, dark grapes, blush noir, and even navy blue and dark green hues for when you want to stand out from the obvious shades. Essie 'wicked' is forever be one of my favorites."

The 00s

"French manicure made an epic comeback this year and has become indispensable alongside its sister, American manicure, which has a softer, more natural white tip. Other trends of the '00s include square nails (yes, square nails are back in and very cool), polka dots and dots, tribal tattoo patterns, and iridescent base colors. Combine any of the above designs with a French nail and you have practically done the job of The Simple Life."

The 00s | Nail Trends By And For Experts: We Will Love These 21 Unexpected Looks In 2023
Instagram: @nailsbymh

Sigourney Nuñez

Gender neutral

"Thanks to musicians like Bad Bunny, MGK, and Harry Styles, male manicures are becoming more and more normal. This underscores that nail art is gender-independent and that there should be no restrictions on who can express themselves with a manicure. I am inspired and look forward to seeing how this trend evolves."

Nails with a message

"Nail art decals are and will continue to be popular because they are easy to apply for nail professionals and even consumers. They are not going to go away, and some brands will continue to embrace this trend. However, in my opinion, the trend will be in." Move towards letters and not towards images. For example, the nail polish brand Crete by Lil Yachty and the cosmetics brand Pleasing by Harry Styles have both launched nail decals with the alphabet. Users can easily capture any message on their nails, that you want to share with others.

Holly Falcone

90s nails

"Classic '90s nails are in for next year: short, French, deep red, and brown."

Optical nail art

"When it comes to nail art, I was very inspired by optical prints such as wavy lines and graphic circles."

Sarah Nguyen

Daring nails

"The nail trends for 2022 will definitely have a lot of patterns, colors, textures, and lengths. I think the square shape will also make a big comeback. Purple and rich colors and matt! Lots of mattes!"

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