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This Eyelash Serum Has Been Proven To Ensure Fuller Eyelashes

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Long, full eyelashes have always been regarded as a coveted ideal of beauty and are especially indispensable for natural beauty looks that have been popular for several seasons. It is not only the length and the curve of individual hairs that play an important role. The aim of all efforts is also to ensure that the eyelashes shine and grow tightly. There are a number of methods to get as close as possible to this ideal and to help the (often rather sparse) nature.

Lash Booster: This eyelash serum lengthens the eyelashes overnight

Lash Booster: This eyelash serum lengthens the eyelashes overnight | This eyelash serum has been proven to ensure fuller eyelashes
Thick, dark eyelashes like here at Rokh Fall / Winter 2020/21 are considered a coveted ideal of beauty - which one should get close to with an eyelash serum...

Unlike mascara, fake lashes, or extensions, special conditioners, and serums do not just want to simulate the luscious lashes for a few hours but aim for a long-term, lasting result from the roots to the tips. Above all, the "Eyelash Activating Serum" from M2 Beauté is considered a promising lash booster. The mode of action and details of the popular eyelash serum are shown below.

Lash Booster: This eyelash serum lengthens the eyelashes overnight | This eyelash serum has been proven to ensure fuller eyelashes
Eyelash serums ensure visibly more beautiful eyelashes

This is how the eyelash serum from M2 Beaute thickens and lengthens the eyelashes

The active ingredient complex of the “Eyelash Activation Serum” combines a nourishing with a stimulating component and is proven to improve eyelash growth by up to 50 percent with regular use. This not only strengthens existing hairs and protects them from breaking off or falling out, hair roots that have previously been inactive are also supplied with important nutrients and regenerated.

Specifically, a combination of hyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycans gives the fine hairs of the eyelashes extra moisture, ensures more suppleness and less hair breakage; Provitamin B5 has a calming, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative effect, and biotin and arginine lastingly nourish the roots and promote growth.

Here's How To Use Eyelash Serums Properly

The application of an eyelash serum is very simple and is handled very similarly to an eyeliner: the pleasantly cool texture is brushed generously with the applicator tip along the upper lash line on and between the hair roots. Let it work for a short time, done. Important: Skin and eyelashes should be completely free of make-up and grease and should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before use. For the best results, use the eyelash serum for several weeks and once or twice a day.

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