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Extending The Growth Phase Of The Hair: This Product Helps


No question about it: short hair is cool and can look really good. But the first hairdressing appointment after the lockdown-induced break has degenerated from a tip cut to a radical short haircut and now you want your long hair back? Or have you been growing your mane for a long time, but more than shoulder length is just not possible? No problem, we know what you can do now.

Boost your Hair: This spray makes your hair grow longer

Boost your Hair: This spray makes your hair grow longer | Extending the growth phase of the hair: This product helps
Do you need a little boost to make your hair grow faster? We have a great beauty tip...

How does hair grow?

First of all, you should understand how hair grows. The hair root is located under the skin and extends into the subcutaneous tissue. It is surrounded by what is known as the hair follicle. Blood vessels supply the root with blood, which causes new cells to be formed that stick together and become keratinized. This creates a horn cord, i.e. a hair. Because this process is ongoing, the hair is pushed through the skin. So it grows about one centimeter per month.

The hair grows in three different phases: the anagen, catagen, and telogen phases. In the anagen growth phase, the hair continues to grow. In the case of scalp hair, it lasts for several years, which is why the hair is significantly longer than, for example, eyelashes, which only grow for up to 150 days. In the following two to four-week catagenic transition phase, the blood supply to the hair root is slowly cut off, which is why the hair finally falls out in the telogen resting phase. This final phase can take several months. Then the hair roots regenerate and the hair growth cycle starts all over again.

How does hair grow? | Extending the growth phase of the hair: This product helps
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What you can do to make your hair grow faster

In order for your hair to grow faster, you should make sure that the growth phase lasts as long as possible. You can only influence this to a limited extent, but there are a few tricks that can help. This is how you should get your scalp in top shape because your hair roots and thus your hair also benefit from this. The best thing to do is to eat a healthy diet with enough protein. Under certain circumstances, food supplements with nutrients such as biotin, vitamins C, D, and E, zinc, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids could also be useful. Regular scalp massages (for example with this inexpensive tool) also stimulate blood circulation. Lastly, topical applications with caffeine or oils such as jojoba, mint, rosemary, and pumpkin seeds can also cause hair to sprout.

For example, we swear by the tonic spray from Natucain. Its 100 percent natural and hormone-free ingredients are composed in such a way that they also extend the hair growth phase, which means that hair grows faster and also prevents hair loss. It contains bamboo, thyme, and lentils, among other things, which reduce hair loss by 90 percent and improve growth by 93 percent. A bottle of the spray lasts up to three months and although it has no immediate effect, you can expect visible results after six to eight weeks with regular and prescribed use.

This is how you apply the spray that will make your hair grow faster

As part of the three-month treatment, which makes your hair grow faster, you apply the spray twice a day (morning and evening) to affected areas or all over the scalp for the first month. About six pumps should be sufficient for this. From the second month onwards, it is sufficient to apply the spray once a day (morning or evening).

Important: In combination with silicone shampoos, the spray loses its effectiveness. So make sure that you use a shampoo without this (already harmful) emollient.

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