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Brilliant Trick To Creating Curtain Bangs Without Cutting Your Hair


This trick allows you to flaunt curtain bangs without using a pair of scissors or sacrificing lengths. At stake? Hair as if whipped in the wind. A retro style and an iconic baby doll reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin.

Having the retro 70's look of Brigitte Bardot

Having the retro 70's look of Brigitte Bardot | Brilliant trick to creating curtain bangs without cutting your hair

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Eternally associated with Brigitte Bardot or Jane Birkin, curtain bangs are the retro detail with a 70s baby doll allure. Also known as "curtain bangs", this iconic hairstyle has spanned decades with continued success. Separated by a line in the middle, two large strands frame the face to blend into the hair mass. Unlike mini bangs or a choppy bang, the structure of the curtain bangs allows you to upgrade your style without making a drastic change. Enough to highlight the cheekbones and subtly reveal the look. It gives the illusion of constant movement and creates a bohemian allure, imbued with a certain lightness.

Chilly at the idea of going through the scissors box to adopt the curtain fringe? Here are two videos that reveal the simple steps to flaunt this cut without sacrificing a single inch.

The curtain fringe without a pair of scissors

To do this, you should take a large section of hair in the front of the face. This parting should take the shape of a triangle, in order to give a more natural structure to the fake bangs. Then simply tie the hair back to the back of your head and style the strands that will form the disguised curtain bangs. To do this, separate the wick into two sections and loop each of them. At first, it is preferable to work the strands by keeping them on the forehead and not on the side. The formed loop is turned outward. The hair is allowed to cool and then combed to relax the curls. The waves should be gentle. The roots should remain smooth while the waves appear at the beginning of the eyebrows. Enough to create a beginning of the movement that emphasizes the look. The idea of ​​this bangs hairstyle is to create the illusion of tapered locks and a difference in length at the sides.

The hairdresser recommends securing the two strands at the top of the head with a mini crab clip while freeing the face. The folds are fixed with lacquer. The crab claw is removed and the curtain fringe unfolds lightly.

The curtain fringe without a pair of scissors | Brilliant trick to creating curtain bangs without cutting your hair

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