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Dye Blonde Hair Yourself: It Works With This Brightener!


Anyone who, as a teen, has ever tried to bleach their hair with the help of their best friend and a tube of lightener knows: It's damn hard! There is a reason why the hairdressing procedure is so expensive and time-consuming. Charlotte Eckardt gives the whole thing another chance.

In the test: I bleached my hair myself - and not ruined it! It works with this brightener

In the test: I bleached my hair myself - and not ruined it! It works with this brightener | Dye blonde hair yourself: it works with this brightener!

Bleach your hair yourself? A difficult undertaking.

Been there, done that. Yes, I don't miss the dappled, bright yellow hair either. All pictures from this time were destroyed and since then I have only left the lightening to the professional hands of my hairdresser and sworn to myself that I would never again think of trying it myself. And then Corona came...

Self-tested: this DIY lightener didn't ruin my hair!

Because all hairdressing salons are closed, but my willingness to experiment when it comes to hair is greater than ever (thanks to the boredom and monotony of the days), it drove me to a difficult decision: I'll try dyeing blonde again myself. For too long I dreamed of tinting my hair pastel pink/purple. But first you need a very, very light base - which is not yellow!

Said and done. With a gigantic portion of platinum brightener from Syoss in my luggage, I went to the friend I was most likely to trust not to completely ruin my hair. Gigantic, not because I have so much hair, but because a really light result requires several dyeing sessions. In my case two.

Then everything went like before: the color was mixed, applied strand by strand (a brush really helped) and rinsed out after the exposure time, then given a proper silver treatment and shampoo to reduce the yellow tinge. At that point, I had already regretted my decision and expected the worst. But I should be surprised.

Coloring your hair blonde yourself: the result

After the first session my actually dark blonde hair shone in a warm golden blonde, after the second actually in an even platinum tone. Well, a few light yellow reflections could not be avoided, but they become less and less with time and regular use of silver shampoo and conditioner. And the re-dyeing of the roots also works without any problems - without any color differences.

For my part, I am happy to have seized the opportunity. Because that way I can bridge the time until the next hairdresser appointment perfectly - and nothing stands in the way of the next project "Pastel Pink".

Tips for coloring yourself: An at least dark blonde natural hair color as a base is mandatory (otherwise the self-experiment can really backfire). And: Due to the proximity to the warm scalp, the color is absorbed faster at the roots than at the tips. For an even tone, start bleaching in the lengths and tips.

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