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Style Your Hair: Hairdressers Reveal 5 Secret Insider Tips


You should definitely know these 5 exclusive insider tips from hairdressers - because with these secret tricks you will not only save time and money when styling your hair, but you will finally get rid of everyday hairstyle problems!

Style your hair perfectly: Hairdressers reveal 5 secret insider tips

Style your hair perfectly: Hairdressers reveal 5 secret insider tips | Style your hair: Hairdressers reveal 5 secret insider tips
Problems with greasy hair after wearing a hat? Here's the ultimate trick!

Style your hair perfectly: Hairdressers reveal 5 secret insider tips | Style your hair: Hairdressers reveal 5 secret insider tips
The pony growing out is annoying? We'll tell you what you can do.

Style your hair perfectly: With these 5 professional tips from the hairdresser, bad hair days are a thing of the past

Just as a chef doesn't reveal his best recipes, hairdressers don't like to reveal their ultimate styling tricks either. But in times of the pandemic, which is forcing many people to stay at home, the experts have mercy. We reveal to you the secret expert tips of the hairdressers, with which you can get rid of your everyday hairstyle problems in no time!

1. Oily hair from hats

There is no other way on cold days: the hat is needed! Not only does it keep you warm, but it also looks stylish. The problem: Our hair then often sticks to the forehead, temples, and scalp - greasy! It doesn't help that the head was just freshly washed. So what to do

Hairdressers know an expert trick to prevent greasy hair after wearing hats. Before putting it on, you should add some dry shampoo to the approach. Excess fat and sweat are absorbed immediately before it is even pressed through the hat into your hair.

2. Let the bangs grow out

It couldn't be more annoying: The biggest of all hairstyle problems is probably when you want to let your bangs grow out. The impractical intermediate length is not a half or a whole. In addition, the longer pony keeps falling in front of our eyes and obscures our view. What helps here?

After roughly drying the hair, use some hair balm to tame the unpleasant strand of bangs and add a slight wave to it. It's very easy to do: clip the waxed hair behind your ear - done! The hair balm keeps the strand in place even if it is actually a bit too short.


3. Repair dry hair immediately before it breaks

Broken tips make our hair look dull and unkempt. If you want really beautiful, long, and silky hair, you have to have the tips cut regularly. If you suffer from dry lengths, the hairdressers also have another expert tip up their sleeves: camellias! The ingredient is extremely moisturizing and instantly repairs dry hair before it starts to break.

Apply a generous amount of camellia oil to your hair lengths before shampooing and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then wash as usual!

4. Flying hair

Electrostatically charged hair is the real horror! Finished styling, quickly pulled the sweater over your head, and hey presto - the whole hairstyle is ruined again. But that need not be! Here, too, the hairdressing professionals have an emergency trick: spray some hairspray on a handkerchief and run it over the protruding hair. This tip works wonders.

5. Prevention instead of aftercare

Good news: our beauty treatments are not for the cat. The experts agree: a weekly hair treatment is a key to healthy, hydrated, and shiny hair. Fortunately - because we love the scent and the soft lengths after the beauty treatment! Use once a week instead of a conditioner.

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