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Dental Floss Against Frizz - An Unusual Hair Trick You'Ll Love - Floss Hack


What helps against frizz? A TikTok trend promises a remedy. You've never tamed your unruly hair like this!

Dental Floss against Frizz - An Unusual Hair Trick You'll Love - Floss Hack

What is frizz hair and how does it even happen?

The English word frizz means something like frizz or rather "to curl up". When the hair frizzes, all the effort you put into styling it has been wasted.

Every hair consists of a scale (cuticula) and fiber layer (cortex) as well as the medullary canal (medulla). The cuticle is what we see and consists, as the name suggests, of flat scales that ideally lie flat, giving the mane a smooth and supple appearance. If the scales stand up, the structure of the hair is stubborn. The hair does what it wants, looks dull, and almost stands up. There are many causes of the cuticle reaction. Different temperature fluctuations can dry out the hair or store moisture under the scales.

A new trend on TikTok

There is no cheaper and, above all, faster way. The American Matt Newman is a hairstylist and has a long mane himself. He's currently astonishing the internet community with a hack you haven't seen before. He does not use any equipment or rich care and hair styling products. In his video, it initially looks like a white string, which turns out to be dental floss. The dental floss used generously and in several layers, is placed very close to the scalp and then stroked through the hair. The protruding and unruly hair is already laying on it. Perfect right? There are now users who can imitate Matt's trick and see a direct difference.

Dental Floss against Frizz - An Unusual Hair Trick You'll Love - Floss Hack | Dental Floss against Frizz - An Unusual Hair Trick You'll Love - Floss Hack



Why floss?

We don't know how creative Matt came up with the idea. It is easy to explain why dental floss gets frizz under control. Waxed dental floss must be used to use this hack, and that's the secret of it. Without the wax in the floss, the hair would stand up again. Users who have tried the trick are likely to have used the wrong dental floss.

Now it's your turn to try it out. More tips against frizz are below.


What else should you pay attention to?

Comb your hair: Ideally, you should comb your hair before you shower. This will remove hair product residue and detangle hair if it was previously worn in a braid or bun. If your hair is freshly washed, i.e. still damp, it is better not to brush or comb it, as this can lead to increased hair breakage.

Don't Wash Too Often

According to various studies, Germans shower every day or several times a week. This dries out the hair. It is enough to wash your hair up to twice a week. Even if you tend to have greasy hair, don't wash it every day to let your hair get used to it.

The right care

Hair is different and therefore you should take the time and deal with the right products. The right shampoo can do wonders, but don't overdo it.

Too much shampoo

Depending on the length of the hair, it usually takes a maximum of two washes with the shampoo for complete cleaning. A small dab is enough. Leave the shampoo on for a minute and then wash it out thoroughly. Conditioner can also be used with every hair wash. Massage your conditioner down the length of your hair, but please not into your scalp. A conditioner envelops the hair and has an immediate effect of softness and makes hair easy to comb. When using hair treatments, it is advisable to limit them to once a week. Too much conditioning can leave hair dull and lackluster. In addition, the hair also becomes greasy faster.

Don't knead the hair too much when washing

Many people tend to tangle their hair when washing by lifting and kneading all of the hair into a bun on top of the head. This creates chaos in the hair. The shampoo comes on the damp scalp and is gently massaged from top to bottom. At the hair length, use your fingers like a comb and gently pull out the shampoo residue.

Right temperature

When showering, wash with lukewarm water and rinse with cold water if possible. The scales are back on. The hair is smooth and shiny.

Dab instead of rubbing

Rubbing wet hair with a towel is not only stressful, but it can also drastically damage the hair.


Hair blow-dry

Be mindful of a lower heat setting when blow-drying. Hot temperature promotes split ends and stresses the hair.

A regular visits to the hairdresser

The hair grows by up to one centimeter on average. In order for them to grow back healthily, it would be advisable to visit the hairdresser every 6 to 8 weeks and have the tips trimmed. The hair not only looks fresh but is strengthened in its condition.

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