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Mixie Cut: The New Hairstyle Trend To Adopt


Mixie cut, will you fall for the sexy version of the mullet cut?

Among the major hairstyle trends of this season, the Mixie Cut is making its mark: the perfect mix between the pixie cut and the mullet cut.

Mixie Cut: The New Hairstyle Trend To Adopt

Does this transition between fall and winter make you want a change? Confused about going from long hair to short hair? We've found the right hair trend for you. This perfect mix between the mullet cut (in a shorter version) and the pixie cut (in the longer version) provides an ultra canon result and a rock'n'roll effect that we really need in this period of transition.

Already adopted by many personalities such as Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, or even the sublime Ursula Corbero in particular in the successful series La Casa De Papel on Netflix, the mixed cut is the hair trend of this season. This bold hairstyle will bring a touch of glamor and seventies to our daily lives: to adopt urgently!

Mixie Cut: The New Hairstyle Trend To Adopt
Instagram: @ursulolita

Mixie Cut: The New Hairstyle Trend To Adopt
Instagram: @mileycyrus

Mixed cut, a big hair trend

The pixie cut brings length to the top of the head with a layered effect and shorter hair to the sides and back of the head. The mullet cut, for its part, allows you to keep its lengths which go down to the nape of the neck in front of a short gradient on the sides and the top of the head. The contraction of these two hairstyles gives the mixie cut which recovers the rock and quirky effect of the two trends.

Whether you have curly or straight hair, fear not, this hair trend is suitable for all hair types! The ideal is to combine it with short bangs, and style it with a styled/tousled effect that will give a hyper natural look to wet or dry hair depending on the style you want. Enough to give us great ideas for change for this winter!

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