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25 Trendy And Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021


For women, hair should be something that can represent their character. Long and light hair would show richness and elegance. This is why women prefer long, thick, textured hair. An extension of this is long haircuts that can add value to the hair. Long hairstyles for women are great for various events such as dinner, events, and weddings. Women prefer this to improve their appearance and make it more attractive than ever.

There are various long hairstyles for those with long hair, whether curly or straight and sleek. All different hair colors look fabulous when they are long as they can be made into different hairstyles that complement the tone. All different hair colors look great when they are long as they can be shaped into specific hairstyles that complement the tone. The beauty of long hair is exquisite. However, women have the idea that there is not much they can do about long hair other than keeping it open and straight. Here are some of the most amazing, unique, and prettiest styles that you can give your hair and start the days of good hair. So let's get started!

Pretty curly long hairstyle

Pretty curly long hairstyle | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

If the hair is long and wavy, a specific cut is a good option. The main difficulty with long curly hair is that a standard cut is not enough for you. While it is great to be curly, long hair looks great when straight, and this can be done with a hot iron. If you have very curly or frizzy hair, consider reconsidering it with a wave-boosting gel serum or spray. Another great reason to wear curly hair is for the curls that give it great body and bounce.

Graceful wavy hairstyle

Graceful wavy hairstyle | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

Such wavy hair exudes a very subtle bohemian charm. With such a graceful mood, your hair really speaks. You can be ready to rock the world with such confidence that comes with good hair days. A small hint. If you can, oiling your hair may as well as oiled hair can contain strong waves after the rollers have been kept for some time. The hairstyle is, in fact, easy to mane and effortless to maintain.

Waterfall highlights in a long hairstyle

Waterfall highlights in a long hairstyle | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

If the hair is long and wavy, a nice cut is a good choice. Cut in layers. Highlights always improve the style quotient of any hair. This hairstyle has different highlights, and the shades chosen for the highlights are trendy indeed. The colors of gold and burgundy are much more fashionable these days, and therefore highlights of such a shade are indeed remarkable. The long hair adds to the glamor quotient of the style. The subtle waves are beautiful too.

Straight hair with bangs

Straight hair with bangs | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

This hairstyle is on trend and looks very stylish. Bangs are a lot in fashion now. The colors or highlights are very unique. The color is a bold gray undertone, and the bangs fall in layers like thick and tight curls, and such a hairstyle adds a lot of glamor to the hair. Every straight hair has its own charm, and such cuts will enhance the look even more. Pair the hairstyle with a beautiful highness to make your hairstyle just the center of your look.


Simple straight blonde hairstyle

Simple straight blonde hairstyle | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

When the hair is straight and fairly thick at the same time, the layered look is absolutely perfect. This type of long hairstyle helps remove excess weight from the hair by making your hair easy to manage and style. So if your hair is perfectly straight, try this lovely style that will add flat curls to someone and their dimension.

Step Cut Ombre Hairstyle

Step Cut Ombre Hairstyle | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

When the hair is straight, it can be styled in many ways. There can be very nice layers, and another very unique and versatile cut is the steps. With the step cut, the hair layers, as the name suggests, happen in chronological steps. With this cut, the hair is shorter on the sides and the length is kept at the bottom. The locks add charm to this hairstyle. If you can dimly light the hair, the beauty of the hair will increase even more. As a suggestion, gray highlights will be great.

High ponytail

High ponytail | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

It is a very classy hairstyle and famous among many international celebrities. It is very suitable for those who have ultra-long hair. Gather all of the hair near the crown area in a sleek and face-smoothing half ponytail. It is a timeless hairstyle that can never go out of style at any time. Ponytails are best when time is tight and you don't have to prepare for a very fast one. Ponytails don't take up a lot of time at all. The best thing about a ponytail, however, is that the effect it creates is indeed smart.

Straight hair with a bun

Straight hair with a bun | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

Very simple and easy to style this hairstyle is one such hairstyle that it can surely make you look in a class of your own. With this hairstyle, gather your hair from the center and then bring it into a light bun in the center. Leave the rest of the hair loose and loose as it is. The entire hairstyle is then elegant and an effortless style indeed. It's also meant for a quick getaway when time is short, but you can't do without looking fashionable.

Bantu knot with straight hair

Bantu knot with straight hair | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

Fashion has many shades, and if you are fashionable you know how to style yourself with the minimal change you incorporate. One such style is this. Your long hairstyle can have a completely different and pretty look when such minor changes are made. This style keeps the hair long. The only difference is that it has a little Bantu knot in the middle. Once this is done, the style quotient of the hairstyle is instantly increased.

Rose curls

Rose curls | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

Are you really bored with your long hair? This new year with the coming 2020 changes your hairstyle now. Are you wondering what you can do new? The choice is huge. In this style, you need to curl your straight hair first. The waves that are created add a lot of texture to the hairstyle. Now cut the middle on the back of the hair and braid the part. This hairstyle has an old-world Victorian charm and makes the look extremely charismatic with a touch of vintage. The hair color, which is a mix of brown and burgundy, also adds to the beauty.

Long curly hairstyle

Long curly hairstyle | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

Long, thick, and beautiful curly hair are really one of the most beautiful styles in the world. While styling can take time, for many people having long and curly hair is an absolute dream. There may be different hairstyles and they may appear and disappear over time, but the long curly hairstyle is timeless. Another great thing is that you don't need a product for this style.


Feather cut hairstyle

Feather cut hairstyle | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

This hairstyle is very free-spirited. The cut is such that the lower layers have a flowing feel to them and the highlights are made so that each strand shines as if it were glowing. With a breezy day, this hairstyle will be so amazing and attractive that you will surely be the show-stealer. This hairstyle is suitable for parties or when you feel like going clubbing at night. No accessories or jewels are required for this hairstyle. This style is simple and elegant.

Side braid with waterfall waves

Side braid with waterfall waves | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

This hairstyle is exquisitely pretty. The straight hair is slightly frizzled. Light curls have a slight wave. Now take the side hair and make a simple braid aside to tuck into the hair. After the hairstyle, you are all ready for the party. This glamorous hairstyle is probably the easiest and doesn't require a lot of effort. This hairstyle can be a great style for marriages and bridesmaids too. This hairstyle is a very versatile style that is worth doing.

Straight shaded hairstyle

Straight shaded hairstyle | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

This hairstyle has a separate fan base. The style is iron straight, and that's where the effect probably stays. The style is classy and elegant. The women will definitely want to flaunt the hairstyle. Just iron it straight from the salon. Keratin smoothing can also be performed for this hairstyle. Straight hair like this one is well worth having.

Soft curls for a round face

Soft curls for a round face | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

Round faces are beautiful because they have asymmetrical shapes. But choosing a good hairstyle that doesn't expose the stupidity on the face is a little difficult. Here is a center-parted soft curly hairstyle look that would be perfect for you. Most people only apply hair oil to their hair when they apply hair oil. But you need to gently apply the oil on your scalp and then massage it, the oil will penetrate into the roots which will do a lot of good. For the face, these soft curls are ideal indeed.

Retro fringe or bangs hairstyle

Retro fringe or bangs hairstyle | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

Retro fringes look best when your hair is long and thick. But you have to put a lot of time and effort into your hair every day by using your hairdressing equipment and giving your hair a round brush. Also, make sure that when massaging on a clean scalp, massaging oil on a scalp that contains dust and dirt will scratch and possibly damage the scalp. You should visit your hairdresser or salon to trim and size this haircut. The retro fringes or bangs hairstyle can be an ideal hairstyle for any costume party that showcases the styles of the retro era.

French plait

French plait | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

It's very simple too, and it doesn't matter if the braid isn't great without your own style! Braid your hair over one part over another and do the same thing all over again. Then braid this part and described earlier. Braid your hair like the top of the other, but not "over" because then it will become a Dutch braid. The French braid hairstyle has a very simple overlap technique that makes it easy to braid the style. The advantage of a French braid is that it gives you a very neat look. Lots of space for hair accessories and small flower decorations. When this is done the hairstyle instantly increases its allure of having a very regal and bridal look. So, if you've had enough of crowns or buns, or keeping your wood open for a special occasion, then you can definitely try this elegant hair look.

Half Up Half Down Pigtail

Half Up Half Down Pigtail | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

Nobody will deny that past hairstyle trends make a comeback every now and then. One of our old school favorites is the '90s pigtails which were the essential hairstyle style almost every woman had during their school days. Protect your hair from heat with suitable solutions and conditioners. Divide your hair into two vertical sections. We recommend cutting part of your hair off to make it easier for you and to curl the other part of your hair. And then wrap it up and do another curl. After all the sections have been curled on one side, repeat the same process on the other side. Then tie it together for a pigtail look. Repeat the process on the other side, making sure that both sides are tied at the same height.

Long thick curly hairstyle

Long thick curly hairstyle | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

Contrary to the sleek and polished look of this long curly hairstyle, this is pretty easy to try. However, caring for extensive and beautiful hair is not a one-day task. It takes proper and dedicated hair care to keep up. Proper nutrition is just as important for your hair as it is for the other part of your body. By oiling your hair follicle, you are simply giving your hair nourishment that supports hair growth and makes it strong. It works together to restore dead hair shafts. Once you've applied warm oil to the scalp, gently massage the scalp with your fingertips. Then apply the oil to the strands of hair and leave them on. Now simply wrap a hot towel around your head for ten minutes to help the hair absorb more of the oil. Massaging is another hair care tip as it promotes blood circulation and stimulates blood flow to the entire head. You can use any good hair oil to massage your scalp.

Loose braided long curly hairstyle

Loose braided long curly hairstyle | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

There's something about a loose braid at the nape of the neck that looks so pretty with the long curls. Who says you can't bring back old trends and make them look even more stylish? It's all about adding a few twists and turns and making it look a little more grown-up and on-trend. The long, 90s braided look is a fun and easy-to-do hairstyle that you can wear on casual days too. You can even go the extra mile with the braids or dress them up a bit by doing so without frizzing your hair too.

Curled hairstyle

Curled hairstyle | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

Hair crimping can be done for almost all hair types and lengths. Generally speaking, when you crimp your hair, it is your decision what size you want the waves to be. The most reliable and controlled way to crimp your hair is with a specially designed hair crimping iron that usually allows you to adjust the waveform you want to use. Whether you wear poker straight or in beach waves, shoulder-length hair is perfect for crimping. With such a curled hairstyle, you can happily combine cute accessories that enhance the look even more. Are you wondering what goes well with it? Why not try a sweet bow? Surely it will increase the cuteness quotient.

Pretty soft curls

Pretty soft curls | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

Those who have long curly hair may have such mornings when they need to put extra effort into managing their hair. You simply gather your hair on top of your head and leave out a few curls that frame the face. You can part your long locks right down the middle and double the hair clips for a cute and simple look. Just leave a few of the curly strands loose on your forehead. This hairstyle is great for women with a round or oval face.

Knotted hairstyle

Knotted hairstyle | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

This hairstyle is great for oval, oblong, square, and diamond faces. It makes quite an impression and turns your hair from dull, bland to a curly hairstyle. It will turn heads and get you lots of compliments. This also creates a voluminous look for those who have thin or long face cuts. These undercut curly hair suit faces are round and oval, and the hairstyle will look very nice too. With long hoops and a pretty solid colored bodycon dress that is accompanied by this hairstyle, nothing can stop you from doing it.

A diagonal fringe hairstyle for long hair

A diagonal fringe hairstyle for long hair | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

Extra-long hairstyles look especially beautiful when the lower third is styled with a curling iron. This hairstyle can be done in a number of different ways and will suit all types of hair lengths. The look is mostly associated with more formal occasions, but you can use this hairstyle for any casual event as well. Use the right equipment to get a gorgeous glossy finish. Combine this style with a pretty, flared dress to give the look a feminine charm.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair | 25 Trendy and Stunning Long Hairstyles 2021

A half up half down hairstyle isn't just for long-haired brides. It suits short, medium, or long hair. One of the very versatile hairstyles as this particular style has no age limit. From a cute school girl to a 30-year-old woman to 50-year-old women everyone would look equally good in this half up half down wedding hair. Talking about the occasion too, not only does this hairstyle look like a special day like a wedding, but you can wear it as a bridesmaid, on your anniversary, or at parties/events. A hairstyle like this will definitely put you in the spotlight and you are sure to look pretty attractive.

Styling hair is an art and when you do it yourself you are nothing less than an artist. The hair is your canvas. Use it well. With all of the above styles, you have tons of options to choose from. Depending on your face structure and shape and the event or purpose you are attracting, you can choose from an extensive buffet of amazing hairstyles for long hair. As a pro tip, always remember that not many are gifted with long natural hair. So if you're lucky, it's time to take care of your long locks before you style them. Also, as good hair care products, you can make sure you wash your hair with a herbal soap-free shampoo and oil your hair twice a week. Eating is important, so plenty of green vegetables and provide the essential nutrients your hair would need. After styling, be very gentle when trying to comb the hair so as not to damage or tear the hair. It's best to apply some detangling serum or gel, gently remove the braids, and then comb repeatedly.

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