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Emily Ratajkowski Is Sporting Bangs Now


One pony, please! Emily Ratajkowski has a new look...

2022 seems to be the year of the pony - little by little, more and more celebrity ladies are letting their hair down and showing off the trendy fringes. Depending on your taste, these range from layered to strong, with model Emily Ratajkowski focusing on the former since the beginning of the year.

Emily Ratajkowski Is Sporting Bangs Now
Emily Ratajkowski was on the red carpet on November 1, 2021. Two months later, her look is different.

Feathered fringe, curtain bangs, strong fringe – the variations of pony looks are huge, as are the corresponding styling options. While Sweden's Princess Sofia opted for an extremely accurately cut, high-set version at the beginning of January, model Emily Ratajkowski now showed her almost 30 million Instagram followers which pony look she had chosen for the turn of the year:

Emily Ratajkowski Is Sporting Bangs Now
Emily Ratajkowski Is Sporting Bangs Now
Instagram: @emrata

Bangs like Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski opted for a fringed bangs version, the so-called Feathered Fringe or Feathered Bangs, which the 30-year-old combined with chest-length, slightly layered hair. In contrast to the trendy curtain bangs, where the forehead fringes are divided in the middle and frame the face at the sides, the feathered fringe has a straight cut and falls loosely on the forehead without a parting. It is important that the fringe is not cut too full and accurately, the aim is rather a desired undone look.

How to Style Feathered Bangs?

The feathered fringe à la Emily Ratajkowski is styled with a round brush so that the fringes don't stick to the forehead. Then let the fringe hang out and the trendy hairstyle is ready. As a rule of thumb, feathered bangs get their texture at the ends, not by cutting layers right into the hair.

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