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5 Lightning Tricks For Great Hair


It should shine and be strong. But please without complex maintenance procedures. Is that possible? And how! We asked experts and collected little dos & don'ts with which you can do your hair good - every day.

5 lightning tricks for great hair

Blake Lively wears a ponytail with braided details.

1. Pamper the scalp

Healthy hair starts with the scalp and it loves small wellness sessions. You can easily integrate them into everyday life. Gentle massages with a hairbrush (preferably made from wild boar bristles) cleanse, promote blood circulation, and thus the supply of the hair roots. 20 strokes in the morning and evening are ideal. Scalp scrubs, once a month, or the daily use of detox serums allow the skin to breathe as they loosen dirt, flakes, and product residues. For dry or oily scalps, care serums and oils can be a useful addition.

2. Change the shampoo more often

You'd think that once you've found a shampoo that suits your needs, you'll stay true to it. Unfortunately, it's not that simple, because our hair changes its texture depending on the time of year and therefore needs different care. "In winter the hair can be drier or a little brittle after a vacation in the sun. Here it definitely makes sense to switch to a richer product," recommends dermatologist Livia Zanardo.

3. Avoid stress

When we are stressed, our body produces special hormones that are supposed to help it respond appropriately. These substances cannot be sufficiently broken down under constant pressure. In the scalp, the high level of hormones weakens the immune system. The result is inflamed follicles that disrupt hair growth and in extreme cases can even lead to hair loss. The solution: simple relaxation techniques - from five-minute yoga to a short evening walk.


4. Stay cool while washing

For many of us, the comfortable temperature when showering and washing our hair loves between 37 and 39 degrees. "Some like it even warmer," says Livia Zandardo, a dermatologist from Leads. "In order to dry out the hair over the long term, temperatures of 32 degrees are sufficient. On top of that, the scalp also reacts. It forms more fat and thus ensures that the hair is regreased more quickly." So: choose a cool, lukewarm one. That's enough to loosen dirt and oils from your hair. By the way, the water doesn't have to be cold. It is often said that this would provide more shine and suppleness, but experts consider this to be nonsense.

5. Shampoo like a pro

"One-time shampooing is sufficient for daily washing," says the Munich master hairdresser Clarissa Held. "If you wash every two to three days, you should shampoo twice, otherwise residues of sebum and styling products can put a strain on the hair." How often you should wash your hair varies from person to person. The general rule is: never use too much shampoo, a hazelnut-sized blob is enough. Lather in the palms of your hands, massage into the hairline only, and rinse until the hair squeaks when you stroke it. Especially with problem hair, it is important that the shampoo matches the hair structure. It is also worth taking a look at the ingredients. Preservatives (parabens), for example, irritate the scalp. Foaming agents (sulfates) dry them out.

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